Thursday, August 17, 2017

15/August/2017 - Two Down, One to Go

The best news of the day is that Dodong is just about 100% over his rash.

Dodong's rash is almost gone!

Old Grump survived having a tooth drilled-and-filled, with just some minor pain later as the anesthesia wore off.

Sweetie sitting with Grump after his tooth was repaired

Trivia question: how can you tell when Grump is grumpy?  (Isn't he always grumpy?)

So now that Dodong seems over his rash, and Grump's bad tooth has been made nice again, all that remains to do, (for the time being, of course!), is pull Lola's rotting teeth.  That excitement will have to wait until tomorrow!


14/August/2017 - Bihon and Peanuts

Today for lunch Grump and Kuya had some yummy bihon that Sweetie had cooked.  They ate it with rice, of course, as they have learned that the proper way to eat any type of noodles is with rice.  (Rice goes with EVERYTHING, and should be a part of each and every meal!)

Grump got creative, and added some peanuts to his bihon, making it a "Thai-style" bihon:

Grump's bihon, with peanuts added

Kuya got excited, and dumped the remaining contents of the peanut jar on his lunch, giving him the world's most peanutty bihon!

Kuya's bihon, loaded with peanuts!

After lunch, things got much less exciting.  Grump and Lola had dental appointments.  Grump learned he has to have a filling replaced, which he will get done tomorrow, just before his dental insurance lapses.  Ugh!  Lola has a few aching teeth, and after getting x-rayed, it was decided that she will have them pulled on Wednesday.  Since she doesn't have any insurance, this will cost us about $400.00.  Double Ugh!!

So .... except for our teeth, today was another good day.


13/August/2017 - Church, Followed by Chaos

Today started out peacefully enough.  The family gathered in the living room to chat before breakfast.

Dodong, Lola, Kuya, and Sweetie

It's a little known fact that the best way to begin a day is to perform a "morning dance".  This dance largely consists of swaying motions with the hands:

Sweetie performing her "Morning Dance"

Although he is 100% Kano, Old Grump is becoming more and more Filipino-ized, or "Flipped".  For example, his breakfast today was fried chicken and rice.  (We must eat rice with every meal!)

Grump's Breakfast

Whilst waiting to go to church, Dodong practiced his construction skills:

Dodong and one of his creations

Kuya and his friends performed at church!

Kuya performing with his friends at church

After we got back from church, things got ..... well, a little crazy.  Several of Kuya and Dodong's friends came over to visit, along with their parents, and a neighbor or two.  There were so many folks in the house Grump had trouble finding a place to hide!


12/August/2017 - Fading Spots

Today Dodong's "spots" were still visible, but he was beginning to get better.

Still some rashes on Dodong's face

Rashes on his arm

Rashes on Dodong's legs

He did NOT find his condition amusing!

Angry Dodong!


Sweetie cooked some sweet corn.  Dodong took a bite out of each ear, to see how each one tasted!

Corn with a bite taken out of each ear!

Sweetie and the boys in the backseat of her car

Sweetie, Dodong, and Lola having a snack in the kitchen before bed


Sunday, August 13, 2017

11/August/2017 - Good Start; Ominous End

Today started out okay.  Kuya and Dodong seemed happy; Sweetie and Grump were tired, but not ill. (Lola, being a tough filipina, is always fine.)

Kuya doing what he usually does, playing with an iPad

Sweetie brushing Dodong's teeth

It was after Sweetie and Lola went to Bible study, leaving the boys with Grump, that things got ominous.  Soon after they left, Dodong's mood changed:

Unhappy Dodong

A quick glance at his body revealed why:


Poor Dodong was having another allergic reaction to something!

Grump called Sweetie, and she and Lola immediately came home.  One look at Dodong, and Sweetie decided to take him to the After Hours Clinic to get checked over.

As it turns out, it wasn't a severe allergic reaction this time, (his breathing was fine, and so was the oxygen levels in his blood), but we still have to force Benadryl down his mouth every 6 hours or so.  (Believe me, giving Dodong Benadryl is NOT a pleasant chore!)


10/August/2017 - Sleeping Beauty

For one reason or another, by the end of the day all of us were exhausted.

Grump's exhaustion was due to going to the gym in the morning, then cutting the grass in the afternoon.  It's been raining pretty much every day this month, and so when the sun reluctantly came out after lunch, Grump had to take advantage of this opportunity to mow down the obscenely tall grass.

It was quite a chore; he was sore, grumpy, and very tired by the time he was done.

Speaking of being very tired, Dodong hasn't been sleeping well this week, so therefore Sweetie hasn't either.

Sometimes the lack of sleep just gets to be too much, and you have to take a nap!

A Sleeping Sweetie

Sleep on, Sweetie.  Sweet dreams!


Friday, August 11, 2017

09/August/2017 - Karate!

Today began with Dodong building a little tower of "Yakult" bottles.

Dodong's Tower

Sweetie continued with her home schooling of Kuya.

Kuya "in school"

He gets his lesson via DVD video

In the early evening, Grump took Kuya to his karate class.

Kuya at his karate class

The evening ended with Dodong, Kuya, and Sweetie showing their respect for Grump's "authority":