Friday, October 20, 2017

28/September/2017 - Down the Rabbit Hole

If you too want to be like Old Grump, and spend WAY TOO MUCH TIME fussing around with various "make money on the internet" schemes, then by all means head over to the Beer Money Forum!

Yes, this is yet another pictureless day.  I'm going to start prodding Old Grump to be more mindful of taking daily pics, but until this blog catches up with the present time, it won't do much good.  (Nobody that I know of has gone back in time successfully.)  But at least now you know what he has been wasting all his time on.


27/September/2017 - Be Careful Whose Pic You Steal!

Rather than just give you the bad news again today, (yep ..... there are no family pics), I thought I'd share with you a "funny" story about Old Grump.

Old Grump has several websites, and belongs to many forums, and on these websites and forums he has been using the following pic as his "avatar":

Funny, cool pic, huh?

Well, Grump certainly thought so, until today, when he was informed that the person in this pic is none other than the notorious Jimmy Savile, the pedophile philanthropist.  Ugh!

Time for Grump to change his avatar!


26/September/2017 - Cave Dwellers

Early in the morning Kuya and Dodong decided to hang out in their "cave".

Kuya and Dodong resting in their "cave"

Later in the day, at karate class, Kuya was busy perfecting the dreaded "hopping frog" move:

Kuya demonstrating his mastery of the "Hopping Frog" move

In the evening we went out to dinner.  Sweetie tried to get a nice photo of her boys.  Here are the results:

Dodong and Kuya, dressed for dinner

Old Grump joins the picture

Three Silly Boys!


25/September/2017 - Ride 'em, Cowboy!

Today Dodong and Sweetie took center stage.

Hi Sweetie!  Hi Dodong!

Dodong put on his cowboy hat, then moseyed on into the kitchen for some chow:

Got any grub fer a hungry cowboy, partner?

After a satisfying meal, it was time to saddle up his "horse" and ride off into the sunset:

Giddy up cowboy!

Later in the evening, as we were getting ready for bed, we had a visit from the ghost of cowboys past:

The Ghost of Cowboys Past


24/September/2017 - El Void, Redux

I know this is getting irritating and boring, but today is another "void" (pictureless) day.

The problem is Old Grump is spending so much time fussing with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies that between that pursuit and napping, he doesn't have time to take any pics.  (Yeah, I know ..... that is really, really pathetic.)

Until it is proven that messing with cryptocurrencies actually brings wealth, (to data Grump has only LOST money), I'm reluctant to publicize what he is doing, but if it does work out well, you can bet I'll be posting links to all the places where he is reaping big bags of money.

Until then ...... Peace!

Thursday, October 12, 2017

23/September/2017 - Dodong in a Box!

Today Dodong demonstrated just how flexible he is, by climbing into a small box.

Sweetie with Dodong in a Box

It's fun in here!

A Great Place to watch videos on Sweetie's iPhone

Later in the day, there was work to be done, namely, building with the blocks.

Dodong back at work, building Castles


22/September/2017 - Aw Geez, another Void Day

Well, due to my laziness and ineptitude, today is another undocumented day.

It was a Friday, which, before Old Grump "retired", was a special day.  Now Fridays seem just like any other weekday, with Sweetie attempting to teach Kuya, and Grump and Lola taking turns watching Dodong.

I'm sure some really cool, neat stuff happened.  I just can't remember any of it.


P.S.  -  If you're really bored, you can always check out Grump's blog,