Tuesday, June 20, 2017

10/June/2017 - A Better Day

Today was MUCH better than yesterday.  First of all, it was a Saturday.  Hooray!!

Secondly, we discovered that the Mellow Mushroom in Warner Robins, which we had never been to, is a really, really wonderful place.

Outside the wonderful Warner Robins Mellow Mushroom

Inside the wonderful Warner Robins Mellow Mushroom

Kuya was happy

This is important, because for some bizarre reason the Mellow Mushroom near us has been shut down for nearly a month, for "remodeling".

Back home, Grump and Sweetie practiced their "horse" skills, giving Dodong and Kuya rides.

Grump is a horse

Sweetie is also a horse

The day ended with Grump and Sweetie hugging and kissing, which was MUCH better than the misery Grump brought home last night.

The two lovers


Thursday, June 15, 2017

09/June/2017 - A BAD Day!

Today was a bad day.  A VERY BAD day!

Sadly, it should have been a wonderful day, as Grump got off work early, and had a safe and uneventful drive home accompanied by very light traffic, and abundant sunshine.  What a great way to start a weekend, no?

But ...... Grump had been obsessing about all manner of negative things the night before, and didn't sleep well at all.  So he was tired and in a foul mood all day long.

Sensing his self-inflicted misery, Sweetie sent him this nice screen shot:

Unfortunately it didn't help.  When Grump got home he was in an absolutely HORRID mood, and snapped and snarled at everybody.

Ugh!  Let's move past this awful day and on to better times, okay?


08/June/2017 - A Distraction

One of the many distractions that helps Grump survive working away from home, (in addition to the irreplaceable support of Sweetie, of course!), is going out to dinner with Venerable Watson and a couple of other guys from work.  They usually do this on Wednesday night, but this week Venerable Watson wasn't available on Wednesday, so they went out to dinner tonight instead.

Grump appeared to be in a better mood than he has been in the last few days, even drinking some water at work, (instead of tea - everyone should drink tea!), to appease Sweetie.

Grump drinking water instead of tea

Back home, life went on as normal: Dodong played, Kuya curled up with his iPad, and Sweetie was sweet and happy!


Kuya and his iPad


Sweetie being sweet

I suppose the dinner out tonight was a big help to Grump, as he didn't fuss about "having to work" to Sweetie.

Venerable Watson outside the restaurant

There's a park beside the restaurant, (which has since closed, by the way), called "Dinglewood Park", I believe.  There isn't much to it, (it's more of an extension to the nearby Weracoba and Wildwood parks), but Grump walked through it anyway, taking some pics.


07/June/2017 - More Philippines Pics!

So if you've read the posts from the last few days, you'll probably realize that Grump was having a bad week emotionally.  The realization that he can't retire anytime soon was just too painfully obvious for him now, and this made him bitter.  A bitter old man!!  How charming, huh?

He did manage to take one pic today, when he was out walking at lunchtime.

Other than that, he didn't do much today other than sulk.  (Poor baby!)

So ...... this seems as good a time as any to put up some more links of pics Sweetie took whilst in the Philippines.  Enjoy!






06/June/2017 - Stormy Tuesday

It was a stormy Tuesday, with the unsettled weather outside mirroring the unpleasant emotions Grump felt inside.  (He was STILL pensive and bitter over the cost of the Philippines trip.  It takes him a long time to get over disappointments.)

Storm clouds over Columbus, Georgia

But just to show that there is most often a shelter from the storm, here is a pic of Dodong and Kuya happily doing what they usually do, (play on their iPads), back home.

Dodong and Kuya with their iPads

So ...... while a Grump stewed in an emotional mess of his own making, life went on peacefully back home.

Isn't it true that the worst prisons are often those we build for ourselves?


05/June/2017 - Back to Work

You know the routine by now: Monday arrived, and Old Grump had to go back to work.  He was even grumpier about it, now that he HAS to stay employed at least another year to pay off the recent Philippines trip.

Poor Grump!

But back home, the boys were just fine:

Kuya and Dodong

Dodong and Kuya

Which just goes to show that, despite Grump's malaise, life goes on, so you'd be best to try to enjoy it.


04/June/2017 - Can You Drive?

It was a quiet Sunday.  We were all still recovering and relaxing from the wild madness of the great Philippines excursion, so not much was done or attempted.

We did go shopping, and whilst at the store Dodong demonstrated his driving prowess.

It's a shame he couldn't transfer some of this knowledge over to Grump, because later that afternoon the old guy got distracted, and backed his car into one of Sweetie's pots!

Grump's car with smudges from one of Sweetie's pots

He was so flustered by all this that when he took pics of the pot, (to show that he DID NOT crack it, thank God!), he stuck his thumb in the way of the lens.

The "bumped" pot.  (And Grump's thumb!)

Another view of pot and thumb

But all's well that ends well: Sweetie was able to wash the red smudges off Grump's car, and the white smudges off her pot.  The pot is intact, and the plants inside it certainly didn't seem to mind getting bumped.