Wednesday, August 1, 2018


Pictures from October/2017:

Old Grump, not so grumpy
Kuya and Dodong

New Haircuts

A Friend and Dodong, playing in the kitchen

Sweetie needs glasses!

The three boys, hooked on their electronic toys

Dodong destroying an orange scone

At a local fair

Halloween is coming!
Halloween candy for trick-or-treaters

Kuya and Dodong in their Halloween costumes
We all go trick-or-treating

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Saturday, November 11, 2017

15/October/2017 - Dodong Helps

Today Dodong helped Sweetie, by washing one of her bras!

Examining the soiled garment



A final rinse, and this bra is ready to go!


14/October/2017 - Pajama Party Recovery

Today was the day after the Pajama Party, so we, (or at least the adults), mostly just relaxed.

Dodong NOT relaxing

Life quickly settled back into it's normal routine, with the boys sitting around with their faces glued to their iPads.

Watching the iPad again


13/October/2017 - Pajama Party Sleepover!

Tonight we held a Pajama Party Sleepover at our house!

Lola striking a pose.  She's ready for the sleepover!

Dodong and Sweetie

Lola and Sweetie

Kuya, Lola, Sweetie, and Dodong

Sweetie made lots of yummy food for the sleepover.

Pajama Party Food!

More Pajama Party Food

And in the background ....... Pizza!

View of the Food Table from the Pizza Side

We had to hang a dinosaur off the light fixture, so no one banged their head on it

Sweetie and Kuya

Dodong, Kuya, (with iPad, of course!), and Lola

The boys

Fussy Dodong, Grump, Sweetie, and Kuya

Time to eat!

The kids are waiting for the arrival of the Magician

The big blob in red in the background is Grump


More Parents

Where is that Magician?

The Magician arrives!

The Magician addresses his audience

Before bedtime, the kids all played the donut game.  The objective is to eat a donut off a string, without using your hands!

Preparing for the donut game

Eat that donut, Dodong!

We posted a video of the kids attempting to eat their donuts over on YouTube:

Finally it was time to go to bed.

Getting ready for bed


Kuya and his friend Mr. B. wide awake!