Sunday, September 24, 2017

10/September/2017 - Happy Sunday

It was a happy Sunday at our house.

First we went to church:

Kuya with his friend Mr. B at church; Sweetie is standing in front of them

Then later in the day we were visited by a "Spiderman Dodong".

Dodong as Spiderman


In the evening the boys danced to YouTube videos.

Dodong tried on weird headpieces.

Dodong with his odd head decoration


Wednesday, September 20, 2017

09/September/2017 - The Void Continues

Today will be yet another undocumented day.

The primary reason for this is that Grump has become preoccupied recently with, of all things, Bitcoin.  He has become convinced that "investing", (more properly termed "gambling", IMHO), in Bitcoin is his latest path to wealth.

If you want to see what he is up to, you can do so here:

Let's hope that if he doesn't make any money, that at least his doesn't LOSE a lot!

In the meantime, you can go check out the posts that he recently added pics to.

The updated dates are Aug/12, Aug/16, Aug/22, Aug/29, and Sept/05.


08/September/2017 - Another Void Day

The title says it all ..... this is another day "in the void", because there are no pics to show that we did anything, (or even existed!).

I'm sure all sorts of things happened, some of which may have been interesting or exciting, but without pics to prove it, the events of the day may as well never occured.

So why not head over to our picture blog, and look at how the rebuilding of Lolo's house is progressing?

Fixing Lolo's House - Part 2, Construction Begins


P.S. - As may be obvious to anyone following this blog, Old Grump is doing a HORRIBLE job keeping it up to date.  In fact, he just recently had to go back and update some prior posts with pics he forgot to include.

The updated dates are Aug/12, Aug/16, Aug/22, Aug/29, and Sept/05.

  ..... Whilst waiting for Grump to get his act together and start putting pics where they belong, Dodong will perform for you!

I'm a cool dude in my bicycle helmet!

Check me out

Oh yeah!!

Monday, September 18, 2017

07/September/2017 - Camotes, and a Balloon for Angel

First thing this morning Lola dug up just a few of the camotes, (sweet potatoes), growing in her gardens.




As you can see, it was quite a harvest!  Good thing we all enjoy eating camotes, else there'd be some unhappy folks in our house right now.

Later in the day we took the balloon Sweetie got at her birthday luncheon about a week ago, and after addressing it to Angel we took it outside to release it to her.

Kuya standing outside the front door, holding Angel's balloon

Kuya let the balloon fly, and we watched it float up to heaven to Angel.

Up goes the balloon

Up, up, and Away


06/September/2017 - Another Tower, and Karate

Today Dodong decided to build a block tower all on his own:

Dodong built this all by himself

A good artist is never completely pleased with his work!

In the afternoon Kuya went to karate class:

Kuya at karate class

At class, the kids had to do pushups off the back of the instructor!

Kuya doing his pushups


05/September/2017 - Dodong's Tower

Whilst Dodong and Old Grump were in the toy room upstairs, (to help Kuya concentrate on his school work), they built a cool tower out of blocks:

Dodong and his tower

The work must have been exhausting, because later in the day Dodong was all tired out!

Dodong sleeping in the car


P.S.  ......... Don't get Sweetie mad!

Don't Get Me Mad!!

04/September/2017 - Labor Day

Today was Labor Day, a holiday here in the American Empire, although since Old Grump isn't employed anymore, (I can't quite call him "retired" yet), it felt the same as any other day to us.

The "excitement" of the day occurred early in the morning.  Dodong has a bad cough; he had a coughing fit after drinking a bottle of chocolate Pediasure, and barfed it all up!

Sweetie eating breakfast before the "excitement"