Sunday, January 29, 2017

25/January/2017 - Another Hump Day at Work

It was another mid-workweek hump day in Columbus, as Grump struggled to stay awake and employed.

I suppose the most "exciting" news from today are these views out of the windows of the building where Grump works.


24/January/2017 - Tuesday

The sun finally came back today, although it was still chilly outside.

Sunshine on a cold morning

Kuya lost another baby tooth.


During his lunch break, Grump wandered around Columbus again and, yes, once again took a bunch of pics.

This is a view of the hallway in the apartment complex where Venerable Watson lives.

Here is a view of Grump's dinner, which was cheese and eggs.  (No, he did NOT drink Captain Morgan's Rum for dinner!)

Grump before going to bed

Sweetie getting ready for bed


23/January/2017 - Back to Work

Mean ol' Monday arrived again, so Grump had to wake up in the wee hours before dawn, and make his long, long drive to work.

It was another cold, rainy day.  Here is what it looked like from a window in the office building where Grump works:

Cold, yucky day
Grump was THRILLED to be at work today!

Later in the evening, when he was FaceTiming with Sweetie, she asked him to smile, so he did!

A Smiling Grump


22/January/2017 - Visitors!

We went to church today, and after church our house was filled with visitors!

Posing before church:

Kuya and Dodong


Kuya being silly

It's been cold recently, so the plants in the garage are suffering.

Suffering Plants

In the late afternoon our visitors arrived:

We recognize these two!


21/January/2017 - Rainy Saturday

Although it was rainy and dreary today, we didn't care: it was Saturday!

Kuya started filming a new movie.  (Something about a blue dog escaping a house?)

Sweetie was up very early, eating something-or-other (probably rice!) for breakfast.

Hi Sweetie!

Lola, (who doesn't like to be photographed), was up early too.

Dodong was busy playing with the iPad.

Hi Dodong!

..... and Grump was weird!

Grump being weird

We think Dodong looks better in that hat.

Kuya worked on an iPad too.

The weather outside was cold and dreary all day:

What's the best way to deal with dreary weather?  Why to go shopping, of course!

Grump got so excited to be shopping that he checked his blood pressure!

For dinner we went to Taki and had a wonderful meal.

Dodong, Kuya, and Sweetie waiting for a table at Taki

In the evening we made banana splits.  Yummy!!

Kuya is excited about the banana splits

Dodong is excited too!


Saturday, January 28, 2017

20/January/2017 - Rainy Friday

Friday, Friday, Friday!!  Even though it was icky outside, (rainy and overcast), that couldn't take away the joy of it being the last workday of the week.

Grump took a few pics out of the windows where he works.  See how gloomy it looked today?

I fear that Old Grump is spreading himself too thin with all the internet sites he's trying to run.  Besides Tea Universe, he is now attempting to get Awkward Uncle's Curiosity Shop off the ground, AND get a shopify store, the Sunshine General Store, profitable.  Wish him luck!


19/January/2017 - More Columbus Pics

I suppose the "exciting" news of the day is that Grump wandered around downtown Columbus during his lunch break again, taking more pics of the ordinary and mundane.

If you want to see some of these pics, you can find them at:

Here's an example:


18/January/2017 - Another Workday

It was another workday.  Grump was out of town working, whilst everyone else was back home.

Sweetie was her usual sweet self:

Sweetie and Kuya

Grump was ..... uh ..... well, judge for yourself!

Grump went out to eat with two of his co-workers after work.  They went to this restaurant, the Red Robin, where the three of them each had a delicious hamburger.


17/January/2017 - Back to Work

After an extra day off, Grump had to go back to work today.  Phooey!

Dodong didn't let that bother him!

Dodong relaxing

Grump made it to work in one piece, thank God.

A view out the window where Grump works

Some of Grump's co-workers have very odd PC setups!


At night, Grump and Sweetie were limited to FaceTime to chat to each other.