Sunday, January 31, 2016

2016/Jan/31 - Aaah!! He Killed it!

It's the last day of the month, and one of Grump's goals for the month was to get an Amazon store up and running.  Based on yesterday's entry, it sounded like this was a done deal, correct?  Well, never underestimate the ability of Grump to foul things up.  He did something to the website early in the morning and clobbered most of it!  It's working again now, but for a while there it looked like the whole project was going to have to be scrapped.

Http:// has been restored to its glory.  Hooray!

We did go to church this morning, although once Grump messed up our website it was a bit questionable whether we would make it or not.

After church Sweetie's friends came over for a visit once again.  (Grump doesn't have any friends except for the Green Angel, and Mr. AZ.)  The weather here in central Georgia was very nice, so the kids played outside.

Kuya and Miss M. playing on the now snowless porch

Dodong enjoying the nice weather, with Lola in the background

Dinner was ..... well, dinner was interesting.  Here is a pic:

Rice Noodles with Cabbage and Sardines!

This didn't taste half bad, actually!  Or maybe I'm just becoming used to Filipino food?

WonderPoll of the day:  How often do you use your microwave?   a) Everyday  b) Often  c) Rarely  or d) Never.

We live in a nuclear world!  "Often" was the most popular choice at 45%, followed closely by "Everyday" at 43%.  "Rarely" scraped by with 10% of the votes, while "Never" only got a measly 2%.

A split between "Often" and "Everyday" was EXACTLY how I would have answered.


Saturday, January 30, 2016

2016/Jan/30 - The Amazon store is running!

Great news!  After delays and procrastinations and heaps of uncertainty and trepidations, our Amazon store website is FINALLY live.  Please go check it out at , and let us know what you think of it.  (BE POLITE!!)

Despite this mini-triumph, the day started out rather poorly; Grump had to be at work very, very early.  5:00 am, to be exact!

Grump Toiling Away at His Work Computer in the Wee Hours of the Morning
However, once that unpleasantry was over, the rest of the day was pretty nice.

Grump did spend most of his time working on the website, (you DID go check it out, didn't you?  - ), but we all took a break to walk around the mall a bit after lunch, and after dinner Grump, Sweetie, and Dodong went shopping at Publix.

Another Trip to Riverside Mall
Dodong Wore His Neato Bear Hat to Publix

Now it is late, and Sweetie and Grump are very tired, so we are going to climb into bed for a well deserved sleep.

Peace, y'all.

Friday, January 29, 2016

2016/Jan/29 - They're Trying to Kill Me!

Not much of a post today because I am DOG TIRED, and I have to get up at 4:30 am and to to work super-duper early tomorrow morning.  Crazy job!!

WonderPoll of the day:  Would you rather live in a box by yourself for a year or have to eat five spiders a day?

"Live in a box" got 79% of the votes, which I think is pretty amazing, considering the question is incomplete.  They never stated whether the spiders would be raw or cooked.  I don't think eating cooked spiders would be too bad, but live - UGH!

Pic of the day  -  a "still" from an attempted live action animation Grump and Kuya are playing with:

Hail to Thee, Robot King!

Thursday, January 28, 2016

2016/Jan/28 - Blah to Work!

Poor Old Grump had yet ANOTHER stressful, cruddy day at work.  How long will this last?

Kuya had a cruddy day too, as he had to go to the dentist and get a tooth pulled!

Fun at the Dentist's Office!

He did get a blast of laughing gas, which put him in a cheery, spacey mood:

Wow!  This stuff is COOL!!

WonderPoll of the day:  Would you rather be trapped in an African desert or Antarctica?

53% chose the African desert, which I guess means 47% want to freeze to death?  If you have water and suitable clothing, (supposedly it can get cold in the Sahara, which is where I assume they would drop you), your chances of survival until someone finds you would be much better in the desert, I assume.

Spenglish of the day:  ¡Ten más paciencia, idiota!

Pic of the day:

Dodong "helping" Kuya read

Tea of the day, (sorry for the cruddy pic):


2016/Jan/27 - Tired

Poor Old Grump!  He didn't sleep well at all last night, and still had to work like a dog at his soul-breaking job.  By the end of the day he was fried BIG TIME!

Sweetie was doing all right, even though she too was very tired, until Grump snapped and hollered at her just before going to bed.

It was a very stressful evening in our house!

WonderPoll of the day:  Have you ever been in a fistfight?

"No" got the majority of the answers, with 62%.  Which proves beyond a doubt that most of the respondents are women!

When younger I was in a few fights.  They didn't last very long, as I was quickly pummeled into submission.  I think being a good fighter is an acquired skill, one which I never wanted to pursue.

Pic of the day:

Dodong, Cami's Mom, and Cami
Tea of the day:

How they got "champagne" out of this I'll never know.  Not one of Celestial's better offering, IMHO.


2016/Jan/26 - Trouble!

There's a reason today's entry is so darn late.  Tuesday had gone smoothly enough, and once home Grump was prepared to start working on his online store, (more about that later, if he ever gets it going), when he got called back in to work.  Phooey!

He, (and Sweetie, who went with him to keep him company), were there until very late, and once home Grump just wasn't in the mood to get online and do anything.

WonderPoll of the day:  If Pinocchio said, "My nose will grow now," will it grow?

Slightly more people said "No", (54%), than "Yes" to this question, even though properly speaking it doesn't have an answer.  Much like Schrödinger's cat, who isn't alive or dead, or the sentence, "This sentence is false", whose truth can't be determined, we will never know if Pinocchio's nose will actually grow or not.

But we do know how to spell the word "Pinocchio" now!

Pic of the day:

Kuya, Sweetie, and Dodong

Tea of the day:

Peace y'all!

Monday, January 25, 2016

2016/Jan/25 - a WonderPoll Day

Yeah, it's Monday, and "back to work" and all that crap, but for today we're gonna ignore the Monday blues and focus on WonderPoll because, finally, senile Old Grump remembered to bring the pages from the WonderPoll calendar home.

WonderPolls of the past several days:

1. Would you rather know someone's complete past or complete future?

Believe it or not, about two-thirds of the respondents would rather know someone's complete future.  I find this really odd, because it implies that most folks believe the future is predetermined in some way.  Weird.

2. Do you put toilet paper on the seat at public restrooms?  "Yes", "No", or "Depends on the location".

"Depends" got the most votes, with 42%, followed by "No" with 31%.  "Yes" got 27%.

3. Did you blink after reading this?  "Yes", "No", or "I never blink".

19% of respondents claimed they never blink, so they're either blind or lying.  Only 44% of folks said "Yes"; the remaining 37% said "No".

I think this is a cruel question.  It's like asking someone if he is aware of his tongue, or, even worse, if they feel okay, because they look ill.

4. If you're going straight from the toilet to the shower, is it okay not to wash your hands?

Of course it is, but for some reason 16% of respondents are apparently so compulsive they need to wash their hands before getting a shower.  Weird!

Spenglish of the day.

La temperature está muy baja hoy.  Llevamos dos locos días bajo cero.  Sin embargo, ya que soy un fan de la " Gran Norte Blanco ", voy a caminar dos millas esta tarde.


Sunday, January 24, 2016

2016/Jan/24 - sleeeeepy!

Grump had LOTS of trouble sleeping last night, so he was a tired, cranky old man today.  Which was just as well, since he hid in the bedroom all afternoon, avoiding our filipino visitors.

Yep, we had a houseful of filipino visitors again today.  It is becoming a tradition for folks to gather at our house Sunday afternoon, chat in Bisaya and cook/eat wonderful dishes such as fish head soup.  (Grump skipped this delicacy, opting instead for some chicken noodle soup.)

Dodging had a GREAT time laughing and running with Camie, Lola and Sweetie had a GREAT time talking with the other Bisaya speaking women, and Grump survived all by himself in the bedroom.

All of which was well and good, except Kuya, (who was whiney yesterday), had another fussy day, AND somehow managed to pee on a few wooden blocks.  (Say WHAT?)  We're as puzzled by this behavior as anyone, and are still struggling to find out exactly what happened.  (Did he pee on the rug or in the bathroom?  How could "tripping" over the blocks cause him to pee?)

Actually Grump spent most of the day trying to set up a website.  He didn't get very far, other than get a Tumblr site going:

The Beginnings of Grump's Tea Selling "Business"
For those of you interested in this sort of stuff, he's trying to follow the instructions given at this website: .  He tends not to follow instructions too well, so we'll see how this works out for him.

We hope you had a wonderful Sunday too!  The sun was shining today in central Georgia, and though the air was still cool, that stupid wind that stung our faces yesterday was gone, making the weather not too bad for January.


2016/Jan/23 - Brrr!

Wow!  It was really, really cold out today.  Now maybe for some of you denizens of "The Great White North" the actual temperature, (30 Fahrenheit, I believe), wasn't all that brutal, but the wind was strong, sharp, and cutting.  Brrr!!!

So how did we react to this chilly weather?

First everyone, (except Grump, who has suffered through enough snow now to last the rest of his lifetime), went out to play in the "snow".

Kuya, Lola, and Dodong playing in the "snow"

Snow? What snow?
Then, not having learned our lesson, we drove north up I-75 to Atlanta, looking for the heavy accumulations of snow promised by the weather service, to show Lola, who has never really seen snow.  We never found any.  (There were some brief flurries, but nothing exceptional.)

We eventually wound up at Stone Mountain Park.  It was unpleasantly cold there, and many of the trails and roads were closed in anticipation of the blizzard that never arrived.

Kuya freezing in a nearly abandoned Stone Mountain Park

Careful Grump!  That water is very cold!

Kuya is slightly more sensible

Sweetie and Dodong wisely remained in the parking lot.  Wisest of all, Lola stayed in the car!

Stone Mountain

Heroes of the Confederacy carved into the rock.  (I was too cold to take a closer pic!)

Where is everybody?  Kuya standing in a nearly empty parking lot.

While at the park we ominously discovered one of the tires on Sweetie's car was flat.  We were able to reinflate it at a nearby gas station, and continue driving on it without further mishap.

Flat Tire!
After freezing our butts off at Stone Mountain Park, we drove into Atlanta and had a wonderful lunch at a nice Thai restaurant, (Surin of Thailand), then after a brief stop at the Tanger Outlet in Locust Grove so Sweetie could shop a bit, headed on home.

At the restaurant

Dodong checking us out.

Peace y'all.

Friday, January 22, 2016

2016/Jan/22 - Cool Beans!

Wow!  This is really, really cool stuff.  I just discovered Tumblr, and how much fun it is to use.

Oh yeah it was a workday, and Grump hated it, and hates his job, and got worked half to death.  Blah, blah, blah ...... who cares?  Let's talk about Tumblr!

Well, even better than "talk", since Tumblr is so visual lets go check our Tumblr accounts out!

Sweetie has her account at: .  Grump already hacked into her account and posted a "questionable" pic, so if you see something funky there don't blame her!

Grump's account is: .

Fun, huh?

On a more somber note, senile Old Grump forgot to bring home the WonderPoll calendar page of the day again, so there will be no WonderPoll again today.

Peace, y'all.

Thursday, January 21, 2016

2016/Jan/21 - this is getting ridiculous!

Wow! Another day where they worked Old Grump like a dog!  This is getting ridiculous and very, very tiring!

It was rainy, overcast, and cool today here in middle Georgia.  Kinda blecky, icky, and depressing.  Appropriate weather for abusing an employee, apparently.

Kuya says he did, "good stuff", at school today.

Grump forgot, (again!), to bring home the WonderPolls calendar page for today, so no WonderPoll!

But we did do something exciting!  After dinner Sweetie, Grump, and Kuya all went to Kuya's school for a classroom tour and demo.  Kuya was at the "spelling table", and demonstrated his spelling ability to Sweetie and Grump.

Kuya seated with his letter cards, preparing to spell

Kuya and Grump discussing spelling

Kuya deep in thought

Sweetie and Kuya working on his handwriting
As we were getting ready to leave, Kuya dropped the entire box of letter cards.  ALL of them went out on the floor into a big heap.

Oh man!

Fortunately the teachers and some other kids helped us clean up the mess, but it did take at least 15 minutes to get all the letters sorted into their proper slot.

Picking up the dropped letter cards


Wednesday, January 20, 2016

2016/Jan/20 - nada

Oh boy ...... another rough work day for Grump!  But life goes on.

Not too much worth talking about happened today, actually.  Let's just skip to the good parts!

WonderPoll of the day:  Would you rather be half your height or double your weight?

Huh?  What sort of a dumb poll is this?  Anyway, "half your height" won with 62% of the votes.  Whippee ....

Spenglish of the day:  ¿Quieren una cita con mi hermana? ¡Ella es muy caliente, y ella es virgen!

I sure hope tomorrow is a better day!  Peace, y'all.

It was such a cruddy day I forgot to post the pic-of-the-day!   Here it is:

Grump at Work

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

2016/Jan/19 - Weakday

Tuesday.  Not as dreadful as Monday, but still near the top of the work week.

Grump had a tough day at work, again.  Some nutty project he's been working on for almost a year had a new problem develop, so he worked a bit late on it.  He'll probably have to go fuss with it over the weekend.  Phooey!

Kuya was back at school today after the MLK Jr. holiday yesterday.  He is still young enough that he enjoys school.  Just wait kiddo!!

For dinner, Grump and Sweetie bravely ate some Chipotle takeout, while Lola and Kuya played it safe with McDonalds.  Dodong munched on anything and everything we gave him, eating just enough to almost make a meal.

WonderPoll of the day:  would you rather own a baby panda or a dolphin?

The baby panda won this contest with 74% of the votes.  (Probably because people are confused after watching "Kung Fu Panda"!)  Too bad there isn't an option to select neither!

Spenglish of the day:   ¡Fue un líder de primera, especialmente en el dormitorio!

Peace y'all.

Monday, January 18, 2016

2016/Jan/18 - UGH!!

Monday, and t's back to work.  Yuck, yuck, yuck, and a huge double UGH!!

Grump's workday was as bad as you'd expect, so let's not even discuss it, okay?

Kuya had the day off from school, due to the MLK Jr. Holiday.  He, and Dodong, and Lola, and Sweetie all had a great time at home today, while poor Grump suffered at work, alone.  (Poor, poor Grump!)

WonderPoll of the day:  Have you ever entered the wrong restroom by mistake?

This was a "Yes" or "No" type question; "Yes" won out by a slight margin.  But then I think this poll was flawed.

Shouldn't there have been a "entered the wrong restroom intentionally" answer?  And what is the "wrong" restroom anyway?  Which restroom does a transvestite/transexual use?

Aside from gender issues and confusion, sometimes there is no "wrong" restroom.  Many years ago I went to massage school, and ALL the restrooms in that school were unisexual, or "gender nonspecific", if you prefer.  (Gotta wonder about those "therapeutic" massage folks - they make a big fuss about being totally non-sexual, then mix the boys and girls together to go pee!)

Spenglish of the day:

Tenemos que luchar por la igualdad de todas las personas a utilizar cualquiera y todos los baños que puedan desear. (Hear, hear!!)

Hugs and Peace!

2016/Jan/17 - Visitors!

We all woke up early, dressed, ate breakfast, and went to church.  Back home after church we mostly just lay about, chatted, and relaxed, awaiting the upcoming storm.  Soon enough it hit us - visitors!  Mama Sue, Pastor Jude, their two daughters, their kids, and Miss Lily all descended upon our house.

Kuya and Brody had a great time playing, except for the occasional fight.  (Brody threw a block at Kuya's head by accident!)  Mama Sue had brought over some pompano and veggies, which Sweetie made into a delicious fish stew.  After we all ate, Lola hid in the kitchen, and Grump hid in the bedroom, whilst everyone else socialized and had a good time.

All too soon it was time for our guests to leave, and for us to get ready for bed, to prepare for the inevitable arrival of the dreaded Monday morning.

WonderPoll of the many days, (because Grump forgot to bring the daily page of the WonderPoll calendar home Friday night!):   Which would you rather ride into battle?

Giant Bunny  (10%)
Giant Hamster (7%)
Giant Ferret (15%)
Unicorn (68%)

The correct answer is, of course, "Unicorn", because everyone knows that unicorns are magical.  "Giant Ferret" is a weak answer, and unless you get some serious jumping action going, "Giant Bunny" is as suicidal as "Giant Hamster".

Bonus WonderPoll, (due to Grump's senility):  Would you rather eat your own thumb or your best friends's hand?

"Thumb" was chosen by a slight margin, which makes me wonder about the ethics of the folks who answer these polls!  I hope none of these folks are MY friend!

Spenglish of the day:

Ponte los guantes.  Necesito usar una bufanda.  ¡Hala! ¡Ahora " lo siniestro " está listo para aterrorizar a la ciudad!


Saturday, January 16, 2016

2016Jan/16 - Peace

It's Saturday all day today, and all is well with all of us!

We woke up late, then Sweetie, Grump, and Dodong went to Panera Bread for breakfast.  Sweetie and Grump each have a breakfast souffle, and an egg-tomato-cheese sandwich on a sliced blueberry bagel.  Dodong just shares some of their food.

As the weather was pleasant, (about 65 degrees Fahrenheit), we went to the outdoor Riverside Mall and did some window shopping, walking from Dillard's to Belk and back again.  Sweetie only bought a little bit on this shopping trip, so we really didn't addd to our already crushing debt.

Once home it was the best part of the day, at least for Grump, as he and Dodong took a nap.  

Now it is evening.  We had a delicious dinner of "Mama style beef", (some recipe Sweetie got from Lola), and now we are just relaxing and starting to prepare to go to bed.

WonderPoll of the day:  As I said yesterday, somebody, (could it be you, Grump?), forgot to bring home the page from the WonderPoll day-to-day calendar he has on his desk at work.  So there will be no WonderPoll again today.  Phooey!

Pic of the day:   The three boys, out shopping with Sweetie and Lola.

Grump, Dodong, and Kuya

2016/Jan/15 - TGIF!


It was another workday, and so Grump suffered another psychological beating, but at least tomorrow is Saturday, and he doesn't have to go to his stupid job.  Grump was a bit upset about it all, so he and Sweetie talked about things until the wee hours, and they agreed that it is OKAY if Grump doesn't last at the insane asylum where he currently works, and either voluntarily or involuntarily winds up unemployed.  Life is too short to be miserable.  We'll find some way to get by if Grump's paycheck stops coming in, or shrinks drastically.

Meanwhile Dodong, Sweetie, and Lola enjoyed staying home, and Kuya had another good day at school.

Dodong rides again!

Dodong and Kuya napping on the floor

In the evening, Sweetie and Lola went to Bible study while the three boys stayed home.  Besides spiritual enrichment, we also enrich our bodies by eating at Bible study.  Here is an example of a delicacy Joyce brought:

Yum! Yum!!
This particular goody was gobbled up very quickly!

After an hour or so Grump had to phone Sweetie to come home.  Dodong had a very messy, stinky blast of diarrhea.  Yuck!  Sweetie and Lola came back home, cleaned Dodong up, then Sweetie went back to Bible study with Grump.  (Lola stayed behind to put a tired Dodong to bed.)

WonderPoll of the day:  Uh ...... there is no WonderPoll today because I forgot to bring today's, (and tomorrow's), page from the calendar home with me.  Senility is a pain!

Peace y'all.

Thursday, January 14, 2016

2016/Jan/14 - I can see the weekend coming!

Thursday has come and gone.  That means one more work day, and - HOORAY! - it's the weekend again!

The Old Sweaty Grump got paid last night, so today he was at the bank, withdrawing money for Sweetie.  We haven't sent any money back home this month yet, so he got a little bit more cash to cover that.  Now that we aren't (temporarily!) as poor as church mice we could splurge a teeny-weeny bit, so we ordered some wings and subs for dinner.  Woo hoo.

WonderPoll of the day:  Have you ever gotten a tattoo when you were drunk?

The answers were "Yes", "No", and "I'm drunk right now", with the percent of respondents choosing each answer being 2%, 83%, and 15% respectively.

A much more interesting question would have been, "Have you ever had sex with a stranger when you were drunk?"  My guess is that the percent of "Yes" responses would be a lot higher for this one!

Pic of the day:  Eh, screw it!  I don't feel like posting a pic today.

Peace y'all.

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

2016/Jan/13 - Hump!

Hump day is here!  All hail the camel!

The best thing about today was it was significantly better than yesterday, at least for Grump.  Yeah, we've still got massive debt, (one of our credit cards is maxed out, thanks to our crappy leaky roof), Grump still hates his job, and his ankle is still sore from being twisted way back in October, but we're all reasonably healthy, and the other four members of this household are doing very well, thank you!  Kuya made a cool necklace today in school, with different colored beads representing different aspects of the earth that God created.  Dodong is learning to speak better and better every day, and Sweetie and Lola are tough filipinas who can handle just about anything you throw at them.  If we can only work on getting Grump to become part of the program, we'll have it made!

WonderPoll of the day:  Which pizza style is better, Chicago's deep dish or New York's thin crust?

This poll was split almost 50/50.  Chicago did come out a wee bit ahead with 55% of the votes, but that may be because nobody with any sense wants to vote for something from New York!  Personally I would have a hard time voting for either.  My favorite pizza crust is the traditional hand tossed, which I don't see as an option.  I don't like thin cracker style crust all that much, unless it's on a specialty pizza.  In that case it can be delicious.  Likewise, I don't like deep dish on a regular basis, but every now and then a good deep dish is superb.

I guess the moral of the story is that pizza is like sex: there isn't really any bad pizza, just good and great.

Spenglish of the day:  Me gusta el invierno, porque mi cerebro es congelada de todo el frío estúpido, o yo soy uno de esos masoquistas que prefieren estar en la compañía de la gente que no me gusta .

Pics of the day:

Dodong preparing to ride

Yee haw!

Peace y'all!

2016/Jan/12 - I HATE WORK!

Oh man!  Grump got pounded on at work today.  His team lead basically told him he's slow and lazy. Poor Grump!

Everyone else is doing very well.  Kuya has some of his adult teeth coming in, and Dodong is well over his hunger strike of last week.  Sweetie is back to her normal wonderfully sweet self, and Lola remains rock steady, the anchor for this madhouse family.

WonderPoll of the day:  Would you rather be stuck on a desert island with your worst enemy or with a random stranger?

Obviously a random stranger is the correct answer, and was in fact chosen by most folks.  However a significant number of the respondents, (22%!), must be masochists or sickos, because they chose to be with their worst enemy.  Weird!

Spenglish of the day:  La pintura es su pasatiempo favorito, especialmente de mujeres jóvenes desnudas.  

Pic of the day:

Lola, Kuya, Dodong, and Sweetie having a great time at home, while Grump suffers alone at work.

Peace y'all.

Monday, January 11, 2016

2016/Jan/11 - blah!

Ugh.  Monday means BACK TO WORK.  Grump would LOVE to retire RIGHT FRIGGIN' NOW, but at the current rate we're racking up debt he'll be working forever and a day.

Poor Grump!

I guess the exciting news of the day was that Grump was able to unplug one of our toilets using one of those devices that is a basically a cable with a hand screw on one end.  (I believe they are called, "toilet augers".)  Woo hoo!

WonderPoll of the day:  One of your body parts will fall off the next time you are in public.  Which do you choose?  (GROSS!  What sicko thought up this question?)


More than half of the respondents selected "Ear", which seems the most reasonable.  Of course, all the guys are thinking, "ANYTHING as long as it's not my man parts!  YIKES!!"

Spenglish of the day:

Me gusta  mucho el arte moderno, probablemente porque no puedo ver muy bien.

Pics of the day:

Grump psychologically preparing himself to go to work

Sweetie and Grump Smooching.  Aaaahhh ..... How Sweet!!

Peace y'all.

2016/Jan/10 - peaceful Sunday

It was a wonderful Sunday.  Grump got to sleep in late, then we mostly just putzed about all day until the late afternoon, when Mama Sue, Pastor Jude, their two kids, and all their grandkids, came over for a visit.  Kuya enjoyed playing with Brody, and Dodong enjoyed the attention of all the extra women.

Dinner was chicken bihon, (pancit bihon for all you Tagalog speakers), and some yummy dried seaweed Mama Sue brought over.  Miss Lily came to say, "Hi!" too, so we had quite a lot of folks in our house!

Although Sunday is a most wonderful day in most respects, it does lack a WonderPoll or Spenglish entry of its own.  Such is life.

Pic of the day:

Sweetie, Dodong, Kuya, and Lola playing Scrabble in the quiet hours before our guests arrived

Peace y'all.

Sunday, January 10, 2016

2016/Jan/09 - A Visit to the Bank

It's Saturday, so all is well.  Well, okay ...... not really.  We've had a rash of unexpected expenses recently, (car repairs, appendectomies, and now a new roof for the house), and as much as we hate to admit it, we are way over our heads in debt on our AMEX credit card.

So first thing Saturday morning we gathered up some paperwork and drove to the bank, to see about getting a loan to pay off some or all of this mess.  As it turns out, we can in fact get a second mortgage to cover our current debts, (and then some!), but it requires filling out some irritating paperwork.   Sweetie wants to go ahead and get the loan, but Old Grump isn't so sure.  He HATES debt, and believes we're just shuffling it from one account to another.

The rest of the day we didn't do a whole heck of a lot, mostly just sat around watching TV or playing on the internet until evening.  We went to bed very early, and all of us were soon zonked out.

WonderPoll of the day:  Would you rather talk like Yoda or breathe like Darth Vader?

Talking like Yoda was slightly more popular, but personally I'd rather walk like an Egyptian!

Peace y'all!

Saturday, January 9, 2016

2016/Jan/08 - TGIF!!

It's Friday, it's Friday!
Hooray, hooray, hooray!
It's Friday, it's Friday!
Two days off after today!!

Grump survived another dreary day of work.  Now that that's over with ...... let's get into WEEKEND MODE!

We had pizza tonight, (except Lola, who ate a hamburger from McDonald's).  Then Sweetie and Lola went to Bible study, while Grump stayed home and "watched" the kids.  (He actually spent more time watching the internet than Kuya or Dodong, but don't tell Sweetie!)  Sweetie and Lola stayed late, so Grump got Dodong to sleep, then an hour later Kuya joined him.  Now Grump was free to watch whatever he wanted on the internet ...... for about 10 minutes, because soon after Kuya went to bed Sweetie and Lola came home.

For some silly reason Sweetie and Grump stayed up late, Grump watching Sweetie while she played with her obsession, Candy Crush Saga.

WonderPoll of the day:  Have you ever looked for your glasses then found them on your head?

The responses were more-or-less split evenly between "Yes" and "No", but who cares?  This is a boring question.  How about something more exciting, like this:  Have you ever looked for your pants then found them on your head?

Pics of the day, (taken over the last week or so):

Conversing at M's House
Mama Sue Hugging Cammie and Dodong

Who? Me?

Go Dodong!  Go!

Don't even Think about messing with Sweetie

Peace y'all!

Thursday, January 7, 2016

2016/Jan/07 - Ugh!!

The friggin' kids are gonna kill us yet!  Dodong was up most of the night fussing about one thing or another, keeping us awake until the wee hours of the morning.  No sooner did we finally get that little fussbudget to sleep than Kuya for some ungodly reason decided to become WIDE AWAKE, at 4:00 am.

I guess once you're a parent sleep is optional?

WonderPoll of the day:  Are you a procrastinator?

I'll answer this later

It should please everyone that "No" was only chosen by 8% of the respondents.  Yes, we're all lazy!

Pic of the day:  Old Grump felt very old, very grumpy, and very, very tired.  He tried to capture this mood in a pic ......

Big Red Head
..... but he looks more shocked or scared than old, grumpy, and sleepy.

Peace y'all.