Monday, January 25, 2016

2016/Jan/25 - a WonderPoll Day

Yeah, it's Monday, and "back to work" and all that crap, but for today we're gonna ignore the Monday blues and focus on WonderPoll because, finally, senile Old Grump remembered to bring the pages from the WonderPoll calendar home.

WonderPolls of the past several days:

1. Would you rather know someone's complete past or complete future?

Believe it or not, about two-thirds of the respondents would rather know someone's complete future.  I find this really odd, because it implies that most folks believe the future is predetermined in some way.  Weird.

2. Do you put toilet paper on the seat at public restrooms?  "Yes", "No", or "Depends on the location".

"Depends" got the most votes, with 42%, followed by "No" with 31%.  "Yes" got 27%.

3. Did you blink after reading this?  "Yes", "No", or "I never blink".

19% of respondents claimed they never blink, so they're either blind or lying.  Only 44% of folks said "Yes"; the remaining 37% said "No".

I think this is a cruel question.  It's like asking someone if he is aware of his tongue, or, even worse, if they feel okay, because they look ill.

4. If you're going straight from the toilet to the shower, is it okay not to wash your hands?

Of course it is, but for some reason 16% of respondents are apparently so compulsive they need to wash their hands before getting a shower.  Weird!

Spenglish of the day.

La temperature está muy baja hoy.  Llevamos dos locos días bajo cero.  Sin embargo, ya que soy un fan de la " Gran Norte Blanco ", voy a caminar dos millas esta tarde.


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