Sunday, January 24, 2016

2016/Jan/24 - sleeeeepy!

Grump had LOTS of trouble sleeping last night, so he was a tired, cranky old man today.  Which was just as well, since he hid in the bedroom all afternoon, avoiding our filipino visitors.

Yep, we had a houseful of filipino visitors again today.  It is becoming a tradition for folks to gather at our house Sunday afternoon, chat in Bisaya and cook/eat wonderful dishes such as fish head soup.  (Grump skipped this delicacy, opting instead for some chicken noodle soup.)

Dodging had a GREAT time laughing and running with Camie, Lola and Sweetie had a GREAT time talking with the other Bisaya speaking women, and Grump survived all by himself in the bedroom.

All of which was well and good, except Kuya, (who was whiney yesterday), had another fussy day, AND somehow managed to pee on a few wooden blocks.  (Say WHAT?)  We're as puzzled by this behavior as anyone, and are still struggling to find out exactly what happened.  (Did he pee on the rug or in the bathroom?  How could "tripping" over the blocks cause him to pee?)

Actually Grump spent most of the day trying to set up a website.  He didn't get very far, other than get a Tumblr site going:

The Beginnings of Grump's Tea Selling "Business"
For those of you interested in this sort of stuff, he's trying to follow the instructions given at this website: .  He tends not to follow instructions too well, so we'll see how this works out for him.

We hope you had a wonderful Sunday too!  The sun was shining today in central Georgia, and though the air was still cool, that stupid wind that stung our faces yesterday was gone, making the weather not too bad for January.


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