Sunday, August 20, 2017

19/August/2017 - Is It the Weekend Already?

One of the cool things about being "retired" is that, as my Uncle Tom used to say, "Every day feels like Sunday!"  The only thing that sets a Saturday apart from the rest of the week now is that it is the day we go to the bank to get spending money for the rest of the week.

Dodong and Sweetie, waiting to be driven to the bank

However, I don't want to give the impression that our lives are quiet, or uneventful.  Anyone who has kids knows that every moment brings with it the potential for lots of unwanted excitement, if not disaster!

For example, as Grump was peeing in one of our bathrooms, Dodong rushed in and quick-as-can-be threw a washcloth into the toilet!

The peed on washcloth.  (Yes, that's Grump foot!)

Later, he decided a clever thing to do was to build a "fortress" out of our sofa cushions:

Dodong in his fortress.  (That's Kuya's leg to the left.)

"Fort Dodong"

The final excitement occurred just as we were winding down, and getting ready to climb into bed for the night.  Dodong had a coughing fit, choked, and .....

Kuya and Dodong in the bedroom - the calm before the storm!

..... vomited on our bed, twice!!

Both Sweetie and Grump were already very tired, so they snarled at each other as the pulled off the soiled bedsheets and put on new ones.  It was an unpleasant ending to the day, and not the best way to start a good night's sleep.


18/August/2017 - Medical Fun

Even though he doesn't seem particularly sick, (just choking on phlegm, again!), Dodong vomited four times in the last 12 hours, including two times in bed.  (The second time he "seasoned" the bed was just this morning.)  Because of this, we decided he need to go on a visit to the doctor.

Dodong in the backseat, on his way to visit the doctor

Sweetie and Grump took him there; Grump drove, which was probably a good thing, as a wreck on I-75 caused a nasty traffic jam, forcing Grump to exit the interstate via an on-ramp.

Sweetie and Grump in the front seat

Eventually we made it to the doctor's office, and proceeded to wait, and wait, and wait, and wait some more!  The doctor was very late because he had to treat a very sick child.  (Once we learned this, of course we didn't mind having to wait!)

Waiting at the doctor's office

The doctor eventually was able to see Dodong, and after a quick examination agreed with us, that there was nothing seriously wrong with him.  He is just producing a lot of phlegm, ("snot", in the vernacular), which is causing him to choke and vomit.

Dodong being examined by the doctor
We received a few prescriptions for sinus medicine and anti nausea medicine, and were on our way.

Oh ..... I guess I need to mention that this visit was NOT covered by any health insurance, so we had to pay the cost of an office visit, ($86.00), out of our own money.  (More about this below ....)

Back home, Grump took a few pics of the some of the plants around our house.

Grump's "wild-type" dahlias

Sweetie's rose bushes outside our bedroom window

Spanish Mission fig foreground; Brown Turkey fig background

Brown Turkey fig foreground; Celeste fig behind it to the left.  (Grump's car is parked on the road.)

The Celeste fig is the one that two years ago died back to the ground in the spring, and didn't reappear again until just before Thanksgiving.  It's a mixed up little plant, but it's still alive!

In the late afternoon, to give Sweetie a break, Grump took Dodong out to our outdoor mall, where they walked around a bit, doing a little "window shopping".

Dodong at the mall

We finally got our "Obamacare" health insurance cards in the mail.  Grump is still leery about it, (how can such a system be fiscally sound?), but it does appear that we will be getting a very large monthly subsidy on our health insurance.  He still has to sign up for "primary providers" I believe, (maybe that is where the "gotcha" takes effect?), but if that goes smoothly, then we'll be getting major medical health insurance for Grump, Sweetie, and both boys for less than $400.00 a month.  Beats the heck out of paying $1,200.00 for COBRA!

Our health insurance cards and information


17/August/2017 - Finger Family Fruits

Dodong loves to eat finger family fruits!

What this consists of is some raspberries, which Sweetie puts on his fingers.  He then eats them off his fingers, one by one.

Kuya watches as Sweetie prepares "finger family fruits" for Dodong

Finger Family Fruits fully loaded

Thumb fruit - eaten!

Pinky finger fruit - eaten!

Yum! Yum! 

Kuya got a kick out of watching Dodong eat the finger family fruits too!

Kuya eating his lemon popsicle


16/August/2017 - Lola's Teeth

Today was the day Lola was to have some teeth pulled.  Since that would obviously make her unable to watch the boys, Sweetie and Grump would have to fill in for her today.

Kuya and Dodong, planning for the day's craziness!

Since Sweetie would be homeschooling Kuya, poor Dodong got stuck with Grump.  Grump decided to take him to the playground at Amerson River Park.

"Why do I get stuck with Grump?", Dodong wonders.

The Amerson River Park playground is really cool!

Dodong at the playground

As it turns out, Lola only had one tooth pulled, as the dental surgeon believes that if Lola has some intense gum cleaning done, (scheduled for late September, I believe), the other two will be okay.  Which was fine; having one tooth pulled was bad enough, as Lola was in pain for the rest of the day.


Thursday, August 17, 2017

15/August/2017 - Two Down, One to Go

The best news of the day is that Dodong is just about 100% over his rash.

Dodong's rash is almost gone!

Old Grump survived having a tooth drilled-and-filled, with just some minor pain later as the anesthesia wore off.

Sweetie sitting with Grump after his tooth was repaired

Trivia question: how can you tell when Grump is grumpy?  (Isn't he always grumpy?)

So now that Dodong seems over his rash, and Grump's bad tooth has been made nice again, all that remains to do, (for the time being, of course!), is pull Lola's rotting teeth.  That excitement will have to wait until tomorrow!


14/August/2017 - Bihon and Peanuts

Today for lunch Grump and Kuya had some yummy bihon that Sweetie had cooked.  They ate it with rice, of course, as they have learned that the proper way to eat any type of noodles is with rice.  (Rice goes with EVERYTHING, and should be a part of each and every meal!)

Grump got creative, and added some peanuts to his bihon, making it a "Thai-style" bihon:

Grump's bihon, with peanuts added

Kuya got excited, and dumped the remaining contents of the peanut jar on his lunch, giving him the world's most peanutty bihon!

Kuya's bihon, loaded with peanuts!

After lunch, things got much less exciting.  Grump and Lola had dental appointments.  Grump learned he has to have a filling replaced, which he will get done tomorrow, just before his dental insurance lapses.  Ugh!  Lola has a few aching teeth, and after getting x-rayed, it was decided that she will have them pulled on Wednesday.  Since she doesn't have any insurance, this will cost us about $400.00.  Double Ugh!!

So .... except for our teeth, today was another good day.


13/August/2017 - Church, Followed by Chaos

Today started out peacefully enough.  The family gathered in the living room to chat before breakfast.

Dodong, Lola, Kuya, and Sweetie

It's a little known fact that the best way to begin a day is to perform a "morning dance".  This dance largely consists of swaying motions with the hands:

Sweetie performing her "Morning Dance"

Although he is 100% Kano, Old Grump is becoming more and more Filipino-ized, or "Flipped".  For example, his breakfast today was fried chicken and rice.  (We must eat rice with every meal!)

Grump's Breakfast

Whilst waiting to go to church, Dodong practiced his construction skills:

Dodong and one of his creations

Kuya and his friends performed at church!

Kuya performing with his friends at church

After we got back from church, things got ..... well, a little crazy.  Several of Kuya and Dodong's friends came over to visit, along with their parents, and a neighbor or two.  There were so many folks in the house Grump had trouble finding a place to hide!


12/August/2017 - Fading Spots

Today Dodong's "spots" were still visible, but he was beginning to get better.

Still some rashes on Dodong's face

Rashes on his arm

Rashes on Dodong's legs

He did NOT find his condition amusing!

Angry Dodong!


Sweetie cooked some sweet corn.  Dodong took a bite out of each ear, to see how each one tasted!

Corn with a bite taken out of each ear!

Sweetie and the boys in the backseat of her car

Sweetie, Dodong, and Lola having a snack in the kitchen before bed


Sunday, August 13, 2017

11/August/2017 - Good Start; Ominous End

Today started out okay.  Kuya and Dodong seemed happy; Sweetie and Grump were tired, but not ill. (Lola, being a tough filipina, is always fine.)

Kuya doing what he usually does, playing with an iPad

Sweetie brushing Dodong's teeth

It was after Sweetie and Lola went to Bible study, leaving the boys with Grump, that things got ominous.  Soon after they left, Dodong's mood changed:

Unhappy Dodong

A quick glance at his body revealed why:


Poor Dodong was having another allergic reaction to something!

Grump called Sweetie, and she and Lola immediately came home.  One look at Dodong, and Sweetie decided to take him to the After Hours Clinic to get checked over.

As it turns out, it wasn't a severe allergic reaction this time, (his breathing was fine, and so was the oxygen levels in his blood), but we still have to force Benadryl down his mouth every 6 hours or so.  (Believe me, giving Dodong Benadryl is NOT a pleasant chore!)