Thursday, August 17, 2017

13/August/2017 - Church, Followed by Chaos

Today started out peacefully enough.  The family gathered in the living room to chat before breakfast.

Dodong, Lola, Kuya, and Sweetie

It's a little known fact that the best way to begin a day is to perform a "morning dance".  This dance largely consists of swaying motions with the hands:

Sweetie performing her "Morning Dance"

Although he is 100% Kano, Old Grump is becoming more and more Filipino-ized, or "Flipped".  For example, his breakfast today was fried chicken and rice.  (We must eat rice with every meal!)

Grump's Breakfast

Whilst waiting to go to church, Dodong practiced his construction skills:

Dodong and one of his creations

Kuya and his friends performed at church!

Kuya performing with his friends at church

After we got back from church, things got ..... well, a little crazy.  Several of Kuya and Dodong's friends came over to visit, along with their parents, and a neighbor or two.  There were so many folks in the house Grump had trouble finding a place to hide!


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