Sunday, August 6, 2017

01/August/2017 - Back to Work Again!

So mean old Monday rolled around again, and .......

Oh wait!  Today wasn't Monday.  It was a Tuesday!  But it FELT like a Monday, because Old Grump had to wake up before dawn and make the long, long drive to his job in Columbus, Georgia one more time.

This will be the LAST TIME Grump will have to make this crazy drive.  Hooray!

During his lunch break, Grump took a pic of the pretty flowers outside the building where he works:

Meanwhile, back home, things weren't going so well, as poor Dodong was ill.  I suppose he overexerted himself at the beach this past weekend.  Poor Dodong!

An ill Dodong

After work, Grump wandered around the apartment complex where he has been staying with Venerable Watson, and managed to catch a glimpse of an old friend.

What is that up there near the top of this building?

Is that a little head poking out?

Why, it appears to be a squirrel!

Indeed, it is a squirrel!

Only three more days, and Grump begins retirement!


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