Sunday, August 20, 2017

19/August/2017 - Is It the Weekend Already?

One of the cool things about being "retired" is that, as my Uncle Tom used to say, "Every day feels like Sunday!"  The only thing that sets a Saturday apart from the rest of the week now is that it is the day we go to the bank to get spending money for the rest of the week.

Dodong and Sweetie, waiting to be driven to the bank

However, I don't want to give the impression that our lives are quiet, or uneventful.  Anyone who has kids knows that every moment brings with it the potential for lots of unwanted excitement, if not disaster!

For example, as Grump was peeing in one of our bathrooms, Dodong rushed in and quick-as-can-be threw a washcloth into the toilet!

The peed on washcloth.  (Yes, that's Grump foot!)

Later, he decided a clever thing to do was to build a "fortress" out of our sofa cushions:

Dodong in his fortress.  (That's Kuya's leg to the left.)

"Fort Dodong"

The final excitement occurred just as we were winding down, and getting ready to climb into bed for the night.  Dodong had a coughing fit, choked, and .....

Kuya and Dodong in the bedroom - the calm before the storm!

..... vomited on our bed, twice!!

Both Sweetie and Grump were already very tired, so they snarled at each other as the pulled off the soiled bedsheets and put on new ones.  It was an unpleasant ending to the day, and not the best way to start a good night's sleep.


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