Sunday, August 20, 2017

18/August/2017 - Medical Fun

Even though he doesn't seem particularly sick, (just choking on phlegm, again!), Dodong vomited four times in the last 12 hours, including two times in bed.  (The second time he "seasoned" the bed was just this morning.)  Because of this, we decided he need to go on a visit to the doctor.

Dodong in the backseat, on his way to visit the doctor

Sweetie and Grump took him there; Grump drove, which was probably a good thing, as a wreck on I-75 caused a nasty traffic jam, forcing Grump to exit the interstate via an on-ramp.

Sweetie and Grump in the front seat

Eventually we made it to the doctor's office, and proceeded to wait, and wait, and wait, and wait some more!  The doctor was very late because he had to treat a very sick child.  (Once we learned this, of course we didn't mind having to wait!)

Waiting at the doctor's office

The doctor eventually was able to see Dodong, and after a quick examination agreed with us, that there was nothing seriously wrong with him.  He is just producing a lot of phlegm, ("snot", in the vernacular), which is causing him to choke and vomit.

Dodong being examined by the doctor
We received a few prescriptions for sinus medicine and anti nausea medicine, and were on our way.

Oh ..... I guess I need to mention that this visit was NOT covered by any health insurance, so we had to pay the cost of an office visit, ($86.00), out of our own money.  (More about this below ....)

Back home, Grump took a few pics of the some of the plants around our house.

Grump's "wild-type" dahlias

Sweetie's rose bushes outside our bedroom window

Spanish Mission fig foreground; Brown Turkey fig background

Brown Turkey fig foreground; Celeste fig behind it to the left.  (Grump's car is parked on the road.)

The Celeste fig is the one that two years ago died back to the ground in the spring, and didn't reappear again until just before Thanksgiving.  It's a mixed up little plant, but it's still alive!

In the late afternoon, to give Sweetie a break, Grump took Dodong out to our outdoor mall, where they walked around a bit, doing a little "window shopping".

Dodong at the mall

We finally got our "Obamacare" health insurance cards in the mail.  Grump is still leery about it, (how can such a system be fiscally sound?), but it does appear that we will be getting a very large monthly subsidy on our health insurance.  He still has to sign up for "primary providers" I believe, (maybe that is where the "gotcha" takes effect?), but if that goes smoothly, then we'll be getting major medical health insurance for Grump, Sweetie, and both boys for less than $400.00 a month.  Beats the heck out of paying $1,200.00 for COBRA!

Our health insurance cards and information


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