Tuesday, August 29, 2017

25/August/2017 - Another Week Ends

Now that Grump is home all the time, there is no more desperate wait for Friday to roll around again. Except for increased traffic at the stores on the weekend, one day is pretty much like any other day.

We are just grateful that we have this time to spend together, even if eventually, (probably sooner rather than later!), the Old Grump will have to pack up his suitcase again and hit the road to earn some more money.  It takes an awful lot of loot to keep this circus running!

An example of ridiculous expenses are medical costs.  Besides stupid teeth, (which always seem to need some expensive and painful procedure performed on them), other body parts are constantly wearing out, such as Grump's gimpy ankle.

Grump's bad ankle
Believe it or not all that tape does help the ankle hurt a little less.  Now that Grump is exercising more, the ankle is giving him pain more often.

Sweetie continues to attempt to homeschool Kuya.  I don't know how she does it, because Kuya has the attention span of a gnat!

Looking down on Sweetie attempting to teach Kuya

The best part of Grump's retirement is the time we all get to spend with each other.

Happy Family!

Here is a selfie Sweetie tried to take of herself and Grump; Kuya managed to stick his thumb in the pic at just the right moment!

Sweetie, Grump, and Kuya's Thumb


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