Sunday, October 29, 2017

11/October/2017 - Whilst Waiting for Kuya

Today Dodong came along with Grump when he took Kuya to karate class.  

Whilst waiting for karate class to end, things got a little silly.

Dodong waiting for Karate Class to end

Getting Silly!

Kuya, (all in white), at his Karate Class


10/October/2017 - Dodong and Kuya

Today started off with Dodong and Grump making a morning trip to Chick-fil-A.  Dodong played in the little indoor playground there, then ate an early lunch.

Dodong at the Chick-fil-A playground

Dodong eating.  (Old Grump is in the reflection.)

Even though it wasn't Monday, (it was Tuesday), Kuya had a piano lesson today.

Kuya waiting for his piano lesson to begin

Pensive Kuya

After the piano lessons were over, Kuya's friend B. came over for a visit.  He, Kuya, and Dodong all played in our backyard.

B., Kuya, and Dodong in the backyard

Kuya, B, and Dodong


09/October/2017 - Kuya Karate

Today, in karate class, Kuya had to do pushups! 

Kuya and his classmates attempting to do pushups

Their pushups were pretty weak, but they all still did a heck of a lot better than Old Grump could do.  (I bet these days the old guy can't even do one pushup!)

Life at home continues peacefully, as these pics attest to:

Sweetie preparing to microwave some popcorn

Lola watching Dodong play with the iPad
Kuya doing something or other
Old Grump "working" on his PC


08/October/2017 - Son of Return of the Void

Yep, it's another day for which we have no pics.  Phooey!

Rather than waste a day on a bunch of useless verbiage, here are some random photos from the internet for you to gaze upon.

Yes, there are a lot of spider pics in that bunch.  I think spiders are about the creepiest thing around, and so are fitting to be here as we begin to ramp up for Halloween.  Ugh!!


07/October/2017 - Our Yard in the Autumn

Following are some pics of our backyard in the early autumn.  We live in central Georgia, in the southeastern USA, so it is still fairly warm outside.  Cold weather doesn't usually arrive until later in the month, with the first frosts striking us sometime in early November.

Here we see a portion of our deteriorating fence, with two banana plants growing in front of it.  (We have larger banana plants on the side of the house.)

Small Banana Plants in front of a collapsing Fence

Looking towards the other side of the yard, we see a camote, (sweet potato), patch in the distance, and some taro plants to the left foreground.  (We don't eat the taro plants - they just don't taste very good.)
The other side of our backyard

Malabar spinach, (Basella alba - Sweetie calls it "water spinach"), grows really well here, (to the point of almost becoming a weed!), and is super yummy.  A great plant for anyone in central Georgia to have in their garden.

Basella alba


06/October/2017 - Kuya the Pianist

Kuya has been taking piano lessons for about two years now, and he is starting to get to the point where he can play a song or two.

Kuya practicing at the Piano
We don't own a real piano, just an electric keyboard, but it serves just fine as an instrument to learn on.


P.S.  -  Notice Sweetie's prized blue bottle collection above the piano in the pic.  Miraculously neither Kuya nor Dodong has broken a single bottle yet, although Dodong, being so young, still has many years to go before the bottles can be considered "safe".

05/October/2017 - Kuya at Karate Class

Today Kuya went to Karate Class.

Kuya, (in the middle, with the White Belt), standing at attention in his Karate Class

Much like Grump was before him, Kuya is basically a "remedial" student of the martial arts, remaining a white belt longer than his classmates.  That is okay.  It is much, much better to be a very good white belt, than a cruddy yellow belt.


P.S.  -  Here are the boys doing what they usually do in the evening, with an added bonus of Grump's foot.

Fixated on the iPad

04/October/2017 - Dodong's Adventures

Whilst Kuya was at home, being schooled by Sweetie, Dodong visited the Macon Museum of Arts and Sciences.

Dodong ready to ride to the Museum

Small Primates at the Museum's Mini Zoo

Another Small Primate

Old Grump and Dodong casting colored laser light shadows

Back home, Dodong and Grump played in the back yard with the Big Blue Ball.  (One of the goals, of course, is to NOT damage the plants in Lola's gardens!)

Dodong in the Backyard with the Blue Ball

Throw, Dodong, Throw!!


03/October/2017 - More Yumminess

Old Grump eats some interesting food from time to time.  Here is a pic of his lunch:

Mac-n-Cheese, Camote Souffle, and Weird Drink
The drink is a mix of drinkable yogurt and flavored seltzer water.  This accompanies mac-n-cheese, and small portion of Sweetie's delicious sweet potato souffle, (made with camotes Lola grew in her garden!).

Meanwhile, Sweetie continued her important research into the intricacies of the Candy Crush Saga game:

Sweetie doing her "research"


02/October/2017 - Progress on the House

Work continues on the house in Mindanao.

If you've read our prior posts, ( Fixing Lolo's House, Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3), you know that we knocked down the old house this past August, and began building a new one.

Walls had gone up, and then ..... thanks to somebody "retiring", (that somebody would be Old Grump), our funds kinda dried up.  So work has more-or-less slowed to a stop at the moment.

Here are some pics of the latest construction "progress".  As you can see, not much has changed in a month.

We hope to bring the workers back soon, so we can get this house finished.  It would be great to have it complete by the end of the year.


01/October/2017 - Making Do

A new month rolled into our lives, complete with the arrival of recurring expenses, (rent, insurance, and on and on and on and .....)

We are getting by okay on our "retirement" budget, but at times it sure would be nice to have some extra money.  Then again, I don't believe there is a single living person on this planet who would disagree with that sentiment.

Our economics is of no concern to Dodong!

A Carefree Three Year Old

Grump had an interesting meal today.  His drink was home made ginger-lemon grass tea, along with some of Sweetie's camote souffle, (the purple camotes were grown in Lola's garden!), and a pear.

Lemon Grass Tea, Sweet Potato Souffle, and a Pear
Yummy, yummy!


30/September/2017 - A New Fort

The only evidence of today's existence is this photo Grump took of Dodong's latest block "fort":

See how MESSY our toy room is?  From time-to-time Grump gets excited, and tries to clean things up, but as soon as he does Dodong attacks and spreads toys, (and pieces of toys), all across the room again.

You have to be careful walking across the room in your bare feet, lest you step on a small, sharp toy piece.  Ouch!!


29/September/2017 - Mejor que Nada?

So this is actually another "void day", because somebody, (that "somebody" being Old Grump, of course), is too lazy and/or inept to take even one picture during the day.

This is supposed to be a picture blog, so here are a few random pics I grabbed off the internet.