Wednesday, March 29, 2017

25/March/2017 - It's Saturday; Let's Shop!

Since it was a Saturday, OF COURSE we had to go shopping!

We got off to an early start today:

Remember the STUPID cold front that blew down here from the Great White North last week?  Now that the cold weather is finally gone, (good riddance!!), we can see how our plants survived.

Plants that had wintered in the garage were finally able to be put outside to get some sun.  They look a bit ragged now, but they'll perk up quickly.

Plants from the garage enjoying some sun

Last week's cold blast didn't seem to affect the roses at all.

The poor fig trees, however, are a different story.  Of the three, only the "Brown Turkey" fig, (which is always the latest to leaf out), seems okay now.

Brown Turkey Fig

The other two fig trees got pounded.

The "Celeste", (aka, the "Resurrection Fig"), got killed back to the ground.  I wonder how much abuse this little tree can take before it gives up?

The Resurrection Fig, killed back to the ground again

Our "Black Mission" fig tree also got nailed.  This is very disappointing, as black mission figs are so yummy.

A cold damaged Black Mission fig tree

That extreme cold snap coming after an exceptionally warm winter was brutal.  Stupid weather!!

On a more pleasant note, Kuya wandered about the house, snapping some odd photos.  (I guess he takes after the Old Grump?)

These photos are of his brother Dodong immersed in an iPad.  (The arm in the background belongs to a snoozing Old Grump.)


24/March/2017 - TGIF!

Friday FINALLY arrived!  This week just seemed like it was never going to end.

As he often does, Grump took some odd pics while ambling about the outskirts of downtown Columbus, GA.  I suppose if you like roses you might find some of these interesting.


23/March/2017 - Goodbye Broken Glasses!

Dodong was up early this morning, munching on crackers.

Dodong and Kuya

Dodong with the elusive Lola in the background

Meanwhile, over in Columbus, GA, the Old Grump was wandering around taking odd pictures again.

In the late afternoon, Grump had a FaceTime chat with Sweetie and Kuya.  Sweetie was wearing her glasses.  (The stupid pollen was bothering her eyes.)

Well ...... Grump decided to put on his reading glasses, and that's when Sweetie noticed they were broken.  One arm was missing, and there was a sharp metal protrusion near Grump's left eye.

She immediately demanded that Grump, "Throw away those broken glasses now!"  Ever obedient, Grump did as he was told:

Reading Glasses in the Trash
Bye, bye reading glasses!


Monday, March 27, 2017

22/March/2017 - Yet Another Set of Nutty Pictures

Hump Day!!

That's probably the most exciting thing you'll read on this post, as it was just another workday which Old Grump survived by doing what he's been doing a lot of recently, namely, taking weird pics during his lunch break.

Oh boy, huh?

So, without further ado, here are some of his pics:

Those, believe it or not, are the more interesting ones.


21/March/2017 - Another Tuesday

It was just another day at work for the Old Grump.  To pass the time, he wandered about during his lunch break, snapping a few pics here and there.

Don't Disturb!!

This is an odd little abandoned building in the middle of an abandoned parking lot.  Lord only knows what it was once used for, but now it seems to be providing shade for a young tree.


20/March/2017 - Work Again, (Ugh!)

Monday rolled around once more, so poor Old Grump had to wake up at an obscenely early hour, and drive half-way across the state to his soul-killing job to earn a few pennies in a valiant but ultimately futile effort to pay bills.  (Our expenses exceed our income!)

I suppose the exciting news of the day is that Kuya hid himself in a closet, and snapped several selfies:


19/March/2017 - Happy Sunday

Aargh!  There be pirates about, matey.  Aargh!!

But these pirates quickly surrendered to Sweetie's demands .......

...... and after a quick scrub were dressed up, and sent to church.  (Which, of course, is where all pirates belong anyways!)

Later in the day Kuya's friends came over to play.  "Play" these days seems to mostly consist of sitting inside and playing with an iPad!


Friday, March 24, 2017

18/March/2017 - Trip to H Mart

Saturday!  Hooray!!

Today we decided to go to H Mart.  It was an okay trip; their produce wasn't as good as usual, although this did have some very nice bitter melon.

For lunch we stopped at the wonderful "Taste of Thailand" restaurant.  Highly recommended, if you ever find yourself in Jonesboro, (just south of Atlanta, Georgia).

Waiting for our yummy food to arrive

Kuya somehow got a Batman lego set, which he immediately opened, strewing the pieces all across the bed in his "bedroom", (which he never sleeps in, by the way).

At the moment Lego Batman is Kuya's prime fixation, so anything relating to it he latches onto with a passion.


17/March/2017 - St. Patty's Day

In Columbus, Georgia, someone ran into a utility pole in the morning, causing the lights to go out where Old Grump works:

A darkened office building

So ...... the powers-that-be had no choice but to let the worker-bees, (of which Grump is one), work from home.  "Home" in Grump's case was Venerable Sanford's apartment, so this was Grump's "desk" for the day:

Grump's temporary "desk"

Venerable Sanford had it a little better; at least he had a table and a chair to sit on.

Grump ate his breakfast/lunch standing up in the kitchen.

Eventually this silly workday came to an end, and Grump drove back home.  Once he arrived, the first thing he did was check on the plants, which had been battered by the STUPID cold front a few nights ago.  This is what he found:

A frost damaged fig tree

Frost damage

Hopefully our fig trees will recover from this, but the amaryllis will probably not bloom well this year.