Wednesday, March 29, 2017

23/March/2017 - Goodbye Broken Glasses!

Dodong was up early this morning, munching on crackers.

Dodong and Kuya

Dodong with the elusive Lola in the background

Meanwhile, over in Columbus, GA, the Old Grump was wandering around taking odd pictures again.

In the late afternoon, Grump had a FaceTime chat with Sweetie and Kuya.  Sweetie was wearing her glasses.  (The stupid pollen was bothering her eyes.)

Well ...... Grump decided to put on his reading glasses, and that's when Sweetie noticed they were broken.  One arm was missing, and there was a sharp metal protrusion near Grump's left eye.

She immediately demanded that Grump, "Throw away those broken glasses now!"  Ever obedient, Grump did as he was told:

Reading Glasses in the Trash
Bye, bye reading glasses!


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