Wednesday, March 29, 2017

25/March/2017 - It's Saturday; Let's Shop!

Since it was a Saturday, OF COURSE we had to go shopping!

We got off to an early start today:

Remember the STUPID cold front that blew down here from the Great White North last week?  Now that the cold weather is finally gone, (good riddance!!), we can see how our plants survived.

Plants that had wintered in the garage were finally able to be put outside to get some sun.  They look a bit ragged now, but they'll perk up quickly.

Plants from the garage enjoying some sun

Last week's cold blast didn't seem to affect the roses at all.

The poor fig trees, however, are a different story.  Of the three, only the "Brown Turkey" fig, (which is always the latest to leaf out), seems okay now.

Brown Turkey Fig

The other two fig trees got pounded.

The "Celeste", (aka, the "Resurrection Fig"), got killed back to the ground.  I wonder how much abuse this little tree can take before it gives up?

The Resurrection Fig, killed back to the ground again

Our "Black Mission" fig tree also got nailed.  This is very disappointing, as black mission figs are so yummy.

A cold damaged Black Mission fig tree

That extreme cold snap coming after an exceptionally warm winter was brutal.  Stupid weather!!

On a more pleasant note, Kuya wandered about the house, snapping some odd photos.  (I guess he takes after the Old Grump?)

These photos are of his brother Dodong immersed in an iPad.  (The arm in the background belongs to a snoozing Old Grump.)


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