Sunday, March 12, 2017

01/March/2017 - Eye Exam

Today Grump was home from work.  He had to go to an Ophthalmologist, to get his gimpy left eye examined.

Grump's gimpy left eye

Before his eye doc appointment, Grump walked around the neighborhood with Sweetie.

A pretty tree in Sweetie and Grump's neighborhood

Another pretty tree.  (Or at least an ugly tree with pretty flowers.)

A pretty camellia

Grump's appointment was downtown.  There are lots of pretty old buildings in Macon, such as this church.

The prognosis at Grump's eye exam was ....... well, the ophthalmologist admitted that he didn't really know why Grump's eye was acting up, but gave him some steroid drops to put in it in the hope that the drops would help clean up the problem.

So for a week Grump is putting steroids in his left eye four times a day.  We'll see what happens by next week.


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