Monday, March 13, 2017

04/March/2017 - Gardening Weather

We've had a very mellow winter.  As it's been warm for several weeks now, we figured this would be a good time to bring some of the tender plants out of the garage, where they have been struggling to survive.

Battered Plants

The Taro has survived the winter better than most

These guys LOVED our mild winter this year

Sweetie convinced Grump to buy the boys each a bicycle.  Here they are testing them in the backyard, of all places.  (Who wants to ride a bike on the grass?)

Check out Lola's hot gardening boots!

Hot Pink Gardening Boots!

Speaking of gardening, you may remember from last year that Grump had his own garden bed.  This is what it look like now:

Grump's garden of weeds


Someone gave Dodong a little train set.

Dodong's train

Here's a pic of the boys playing with it, BEFORE it gets trashed!

A view of our downstairs from our upstairs:

Upstairs looking downstairs


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