Tuesday, June 30, 2015

A Day in a Year in a Life / Day 181

30/June/2015, Day 181.  Tuesday.

Grump survived another work day, although late in the afternoon he discovered something he was supposed to have been working on for the past week, but that he had forgotten.  Phooey!

For the past few days Grump has felt dizzy and naseous.  He felt that way at work, so Sweetie told him to get his blood pressure checked.  He did, and it was 151/103!  Double phooey!!  Later in the afternoon he checked it again, and it had dropped to 140/95, but still, this was the first time in his life Grump had a high blood pressure reading.  Time to lose some weight, Grump!!

I suppose the exciting event of the day was that both Kuya and Grump got haircuts.  After that we walking around the Riverside mall for a bit, then came home, hoping to relax.  These plans were dashed when Sweetie discovered that Kuya had inadvertently ordered a game using the iPad, and that our Verizon account would be billed for it.  After some stressful moments Sweetie was able to cancel the game purchase.  Hooray!

Goodnight all.

A Day in a Year in a Life / Day 180

29/June/2015, Day 180.  Monday.

It was a recovery day for Grump and Sweetie.  Grump survived being back at work, (barely), while Sweetie struggled to watch Dodong and Kuya, (with Lola's help, of course!).

Kuya actually had a good day.  He had a piano lesson, and according to his teacher did very well, then in the late afternoon his friend Mattie came over to play while her mama went to the dentist.

For dinner we had ground beef, rice, and some pastries we had purchased at a panaderia in Columbia.
By the end of the evening tiredness prevailed.  We went to bed very early!

A Day in a Year in a Life / Day 179

28/June/2015, Day 179.  Sunday.

We woke up early again, packed the car, then drove over to the Original Pancake House to meet several of our friend for a pancake breakfast.

That is Pollox on the right, tired from being awake before noon!
After breakfast it was time for goodbyes  -

Gareth, Lola, and Dodong

On the way home we passed through Shady Dale, where Grump's Mama was born, so we took some pics:

Goodnight all!

A Day in a Year in a Life / Day 178

27/June/2015, Day 178.  Saturday.

Today was Dodong's dedication at the Midtown SDA Church.  But before that happy event began, the day got off to a rocky start. At 3:00 am Kuya vomited all over himself and the hotel bed.  Yuck!  We cleaned this mess up as best we could, but after that Sweetie, Grump, and Lola really didn't get much sleep.

We were up early, (needless to say!), and after a quick breakfast we all got ready for church.

The dedication itself went very well, and Pastor Robinson's sermon, (on CHOOSING to have the right thoughts in your mind), was very good too.  Here are some pics:

Sweetie, Dodong, Grump, and Pastor Robinson

After church we were all hungry, so we headed out Garners Ferry road to the New Bangkok Restaurant.  When we lived in Columbia we used to eat at this restaurant, which was called Bangkok at the time.  Now it is under new management, so it is the "New" Bangkok, but the waitress told me they have the same cooks, and the food is still super delicious.  We ate a HUGE lunch, then did what everyone should do after over-eating, namely, go shopping!

The first stop was the Mast General Store in downtown Columbia, which opened after we moved to Georgia.  While there we bought t-shirts and lots of candy.  Next were Trader Joe's and Whole Foods Market, both of which also opened after we moved.  These two stores are very close to our condo, (an Earth Fare, which is still open, is within easy walking distance), making that location even more desirable, in our opinion.  We bought a piece of jackfruit at Whole Foods Market which was very yummy indeed!

After shopping we took a quick nap at the hotel, then drove back to five points to meet several of our friends at Harper's Restaurant.  Although not too hungry, (we had a HUGE lunch, remember!), and by now very, very tired, (remember Kuya's antics in the wee hours of the night!), we had a great time.

Back at the hotel, we all quickly fell asleep, getting some desperately needed rest for our drive home tomorrow.

Sunday, June 28, 2015

A Day in a Year in a Life / Day 177

26/June/2015, Day 177.  Friday.

Off to Columbia, SC we go!

Grump took the day off so we could all drive over to Columbia, SC.  Sweetie had wanted to get Dodong dedicated at the church we attended, (Columbia Midtown SDA Church), when we had lived in Columbia, and Grump finally relented.  We reserved a hotel room out on Garners Ferry Road, packed up the car, and drove off to Columbia!

We took a slightly different route this time.  After taking Georgia 83 through Monticello, soon after passing through the mighty metropolis of Shady Dale we veered to the right onto either Fitspatrick or Little River road, followed it to 7 Island Road, then took 7 Island Road all the way to Interstate 20.  It was a fun way to travel, even if it took us a few extra minutes.  (I wouldn't try this without some sort of navigation system in your car!)

We arrived at Columbia in the early afternoon, then wandered around Five Points for a bit.  Outside an ice-cream shop, right in front of the door, we had our first major challenge of the day: Kuya barfed and barfed and barfed.  Fortunately the ladies working in the store were super nice, and cleaned it all up without a complaint.  Also, although he soaked his feet, (yuck!), Kuya was wearning Crocs, so it was easy to clean him up.

After that excitement we met some friends for Yesterdays for a nice dinner.  We all had a good time, except Kuya, who was still acting unwell, and didn't eat much of anything.  So our good cheer was dampened somewhat by our concern for him, although after taking some children's Tylenol he seemed to be feeling a little better.

Grump, Dodong, Kuya, and Sweetie after checking into the hotel room, (before Kuya barfed)

Marie, Agnes's Mama, Lola, Kuya, (with his back turned), Sweetie holding Dodong, Hazel, Agnes, and Ron Jr.

The Sexy Ladies!!

Friday, June 26, 2015

A Day in a Year in a Life / Day 176

25/June/2015, Day 176.  Thursday.

The theme of the day was EXTREME TIREDNESS!  Silly Dodong screamed all night long, keeping everyone, (Sweetie, Lola, and Kuya), awake.  Grump was able to get a little bit of sleep by going upstairs, but even he was repeatedly awakened by Dodong's wails.

And why was Dodong fussing so much?  We haven't a clue.  He seems fine now, so maybe he was teething?  Maybe he was exercising his vocal cords?  Who knows?

Since we were all so zonked from Dodong's nocturnal outbursts, we didn't do a whole lot.  Grump even came home from work two hours early.  (He had to charge those two hours to vacation, by the way.)  Sweetie was too tired to cook, so we had Chinese takeout from The Mandarian for dinner.  Then we all went to bed early!

Whilst browsing around in YouTube, we remembered we have a channel on there that we sometimes post videos to.  Here it is:  https://www.youtube.com/user/kjohnz001/videos .

Goodnight all!

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

A Day in a Year in a Life / Day 175

24/June/2015, Day 175.  Wednesday.

Although Sweetie's sister's latest dire need for cash has dug us deeper into debt, (sigh ...), we all seemed more at peace with this situation today.  Grump apologized to Sweetie and Lola for being so darn miserable about sending the money, and he even has come to terms, (well, sorta), with the unpleasant fact that he will have to work at least another ten long years given the rate we spend money.  (Darn it!)

Dodong had a fever today, and icky looking welts around his neck.  They seemed to clear up when Sweetie gave him some benadryl, but we are all concerned about this, and pray that Dodong recovers quickly and fully.

After work Grump, Sweetie, and Kuya went to Gap to buy Dodong some nice shirts for his dedication in Columbia, SC, this weekend.  After the shirts were purchased Grump and Kuya had some frozen yogurt at the shop near Publix, while Sweetie bought a few groceries.

This evening was spent like many others have been recently, namely, with much yelling at Kuya, (usually done by Sweetie), to keep him away from Dodong.  Kuya says all he wants to do is "hug" Dodong, but he is too jumpy and energetic, and his six year old boy's hugs are too strong for a one year old to handle.  Besides Dodong is still not feeling all that well.

Such is life in this monkey cage! Goodnight all.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

A Day in a Year in a Life / Day 174

23/June/2015, Day 174.  Tuesday.

Today was kinda cruddy.  Sweetie, Grump, and Lola were all stressed over Sweetie's sister's physical/financial problems.  Grump, true turkey that he is, expressed his stress by yelling at Sweetie, and being in a generally foul mood all day.

Neither Dodong nor Kuya had a good day either, as Kuya accidentally caused Dodong to fall whilst playing with him.  Dodong banged his nose, and it bled all over the place, causing Sweetie and Lola to panic.  Although Grump was 99.9% sure that Dodong was okay, he agreed to take Dodong to the doctor's office with Sweetie, to have him checked out.  (He was fine.)

A bright spot occured later, when on the way home Sweetie, Grump, and Dodong stopped at a Chipotle Mexican Grill for dinner.  Sweetie and Grump had delicious burritos, while Dodong agreed to eat his baby food.  (Strained spinach and peas, or something like that.  Ugh!) 

However, the important news that took this nothing day and suddenly made it all seem worthwhile happened on the other side of the planet.  Sweetie's sister did get the operation done at St. Luke's in Manila, and as best we know it was a success.  HOORAY!!

Goodnight all.

Monday, June 22, 2015

A Day in a Year in a Life / Day 173

22/June/2015, Day 173.  Monday.

Although this was a weekday/workday, Grump didn't have to go back to work until after lunch.  This is because he and Sweetie had appointments to go to the ...... dentist!  This is NOT Grump's favorite place to go to at the moment, (his tooth with the temporary cap is still hurting him), but they just went for cleaning and checkup, and fortunately neither had any new cavities.

After that excitement, Sweetie, Grump, and Kuya went for a nice lunch at the Fountain of Juice restaurant.   Then after he dropped off Sweetie and Kuya at home, Grump drove in for a half day of work.

Once he got home from work, the icky part of the day started.  If you remember from yesterday, Sweetie got a fax from the Philippines.  It was the woman her sister works for, telling her that her sister needs emergency medical surgery, and asking if she would be able to send money to pay for it.

To say Grump was unhappy about this would be a massive understatement!  He fussed and fumed all evening, even as he was driving Sweetie to the Western Union to wire the money.  This was a large amount they were sending, and it took a big bite out of some savings Grump had set aside for our costs for the rest of the year.  Financially it was a pain!

But after complaining for longer than anyone would consider appropriate, Grump finally did settle down, and now I think he has come to terms with this latest expense of ours.  (At least I hope so!)

On a more pleasant note, Dodong learned to eat corn-on-the-cob.
Munch away Dodong!

Kuya ate corn-on-the-cob too!
Munch away Kuya!

After dinner the three boys read a book.
Kuya, Grump, and Dodong reading

Then we all went to bed.  Goodnight all!

A Day in a Year in a Life / Day 172

21/June/2015, Day 172.  Sunday.


We got okay sleep.  Despite an early start to slumbering, Dodong choose to wake up every fifteen minutes or so all through the night, and was done with any attempted sleep by 6:30 am.  So we were up again bright and early, and tired, but not as bad as yesterday, (when Grump in particular was a bit of a zombie).

Just as we were waking up Sweetie got a fateful text.  More about that tomorrow, as we were mostly able to put it out of mind.

After breakfast and packing up the car, we drove over to Grandpa and Grandma's condo. In addition to being Father's Day, and also the longest day of the year, it was Grandpa's birthday.  Happy birthday Grandpa!
The Birthday Boy

 So after some hugs ......
Kuya, Grandma, and Dodong
...... and some final poses ........

...... we all packed back into the car, and started our drive back to central Georgia.

Despite the heavy traffic, and the driver, (Old Grump), being more tired and grumpy than normal, we made it back home in one piece.  (Thanks to some form of divine guidance, I'm sure, because Grump was getting pretty shakey near the end of our trip.)

We had a great time in Jacksonville, and ate too much, as usual, but it was nice to be home and be with Lola again.  We all went to bed early, and were sleeping almost as soon as our heads hit the pillows.


Sunday, June 21, 2015

A Day in a Year in a Life / Day 171

20/June/2015, Day 171.  Saturday.

Grump woke up grumpy, (imagine that!).  He had difficulty falling asleep the night before, and had wanted to sleep in a bit, but Kuya, (whom he shared a bed with), was up and KICKING before 6:00 am!  Grrr ......

Since we were all awake anyway, thanks to Kuya's noise and bouncing, we just went on downstairs and had breakfast at the hotel breakfast buffet.  After breakfast was over we had to decide what to do, because we weren't supposed to meet up with Grandpa and Grandma until 11:00 am.  We decided to go swimming!

The hotel pool was outdoors, and was as warm as bathwater.  All four of us, Grump, Sweetie, Kuya, and Dodong, went swimming.  Kuya and Dodong had a great time splashing around!

Lunch was back at the Fleet Landing dining hall, where we all ate too much.  (What can you do?  The food is so good!)  After lunch Kuya stayed with Grandpa to go swimming in the big indoor Fleet Landing pool, while Gramdma, Grump, Sweetie, and Dodong, went to The Avenues, a nice mall on Southside Blvd., to do some shopping.  Dodong and Grump walked around a bit, trying out free samples here and there, (Grump even managed to spill some iced tea down Dodong's back!), while for the entire two hours we were there, Sweetie and Grandma never even left Belk!  While there, Grandma bought Sweetie some very, very nice clothes, including a Ralph Lauren dress.

After all that swimming and shopping we got a light dinner at Panera Bread.  "Highlights" of this meal included Grandpa completely knocking over a glass of water, twice, and Dodong deciding he likes to eat sliced apple.

Grandma feeding Dodong an apple slice

After dinner the four travelers, (Dodong, Kuya, Sweetie, and Grump), were all tired, so we went back to the hotel room to go to bed early.  By 8:30 pm all four of us were in bed, and snoring happily!

A Day in a Year in a Life / Day 170

19/June/2015, Day 170.  Friday.

Today we drove to JAX, (Atlantic Beach), Florida to visit Grandpa and Grandma!

We woke up early-ish, then by 10:00 am or so, (after a brief stop at Starbucks and Dunkin' Donuts for some REQUIRED chai tea and munchies), four of us, (Grump, Sweetie, Kuya, and Dodong - Lola stayed home), were on the road, heading to Florida. 

Kuya giving donut buying instructions
Our trip to JAX was fortunately uneventful.  We did make sure to stop at our favorite restaurant in Valdosta, Korea Garden.

Kuya, Sweetie, and Dodong standing in front of the Korea Garden restaurant.
It was a long drive, (about five hours), but we finally arrived at Grandpa and Grandma's apartment.  Grandpa had reserved a nice table at the Fleet Landing dining hall for us, and we had a very nice early dinner. 

We chatted a while, then it was time for us to head back to the hotel and get ready for bed. 

Thursday, June 18, 2015

A Day in a Year in a Life / Day 169

18/June/2015, Day 169.  Thursday.

It was actually a nice day today, hot but not as hot as the past few days, and it even rained and cooled off in the evening.  Dodong took a fall on the hard tiles of the entry way, but other than a little bruise near his left eye he came out just fine.  Lola and Kuya ate McDonald's hamburgers for dinner, while Grump and Sweetie had burritoes from Chipolte grill.  (Dodong ate baby food!)

So it SHOULD have been a pleasant day, and it mostly was, until Grump started to open and pay bills after getting home from work.  To make a long pathetic story short, once again we can't pay off our credit cards.  We just keep spending more than we earn.

The sorry state of our finances put Grump in a foul mood, and he was mean to everybody the rest of the night, particularly Sweetie.  When Sweetie misplaced her cellphone he said he was glad, and severely critisized her for losing it.

Way to go, Old Grump!  Way to make everyone around you as miserable as you are, you pathetic old jerk!

Anyway ..... Grump is quiet now, so we're gonna go to bed.  Goodnight all!

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

A Day in a Year in a Life / Day 168

17/June/2015, Day 168.  Wednesday.

Happy Birthday Lola!

The normal weekday stuff happened, (Grump went to work, Kuya went to Vacation Bible School, Sweetie went for a long morning walk,  and Dodong kept Lola busy), and later in the evening Grump mowed the entire lawn, front and back, in the heat, but as important (and overlooked!) as our daily miniature struggles and triumphs are, we're going to skip them, and talk about Lola's birthday.

We went to her favorite restaurant, Taki, (which, strangely enough, means "poop" in Bisaya, or so I've been told), and we all got our favorite meals.  Lola had shrimp tempura, Kuya got teriyaki salmon, and Grump and Sweetie split a big plate of sushi.  (Dodong ate baby food, which suited him just fine.)  Back home after dinner we gave Lola a wonderful purple cake baked by Joyce, the best cake-maker in all of central Georgia!

Sweetie putting the candles on Lola's cake

Lola's cake

Blowing out the candles
Lola, Grump, Dodong, and Kuya (with rabbit ears)

Hi Dodong!

It was a fun little birthday celebration.  May you have many, many more Lola!!

Goodnight all.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

A Day in a Year in a Life / Day 167

16/June/2015, Day 167.  Tuesday.

It was kinda a blah day.  The oppressive summer heat has finally arrived to central Georgia, so it wasn't pleasant at all outside.  Lola's knee was acting up real badly, giving her some unwelcome pain.  And poor Old Grump was a mess.  He got reprimanded at work for something he doesn't think is his fault, (STUPID PB rating!), and his tooth with the temporary cap ached.  It didn't help that Sweetie cooked another tough, crunchy dinner tonight!

While the old ones suffered, the younger folks did well today.  Kuya went to his second day of vacation bible school at the church right down the street, and also to a Mathnasium session later in the afternoon.  Dodong continued to wobble all over the place, carrying his "cellphone", an old Sesame Street mobile phone toy he inherited from Kuya.

Sweetie was somewhere in-between.  She went for a nice morning walk, and had basically a good day, but her sinuses are still giving her lots of trouble.

Let's end the day with some pictures of Lola's gardening adventures:



Monday, June 15, 2015

A Day in a Year in a Life / Day 166

15/June/2015, Day 166.  Monday.

I really don't feel like writing tonight, so I'm just gonna post some pics from our trip last month to Callaway Gardens, (when the weather was still nice!).

Dodong is anxious to get going!

Lola, Dodong, and Sweetie crossing the bridge

Yes we see you, Kuya!

Walking through the woods

Pointing at Grump

Grump, Kuya, and Sweetie

Dodong and Kuya

Dodong and Grump

Kuya and Lola

Sweetie and Grump

A non-grumping Grump

Sunday, June 14, 2015

A Day in a Year in a Life / Day 165

14/June/2015, Day 165.  Sunday.

Despite being Sunday, the day started early for us.  Grump was awake by 6:30 am, and by 8:00 am was out working in the yard, pulling weeds from around the air-conditioners.  Sweetie made sure he finished up in time to come back inside, shower, and get dressed for church, which we all attended.

After church several of Sweetie's friends and their kids came to our house for a quick brunch.  It was loud and chaotic here!  Sweetie and Lola had fun talking to their friends in Bisaya and Tagalog, and Kuya and Dodong had fun playing with the other kids. 

Grump hid in the bedroom and took a nap!

The visitors didn't leave until early evening, after which Grump and Sweetie went shopping to buy some food for Dodong, and a swimming float for him, for when we go visit Grandma and Grandpa in Atlantic Beach this coming weekend.

It was a pleasant day for all of us, as we each got to do what we wanted.

Goodnight all.

Saturday, June 13, 2015

A Day in a Year in a Life / Day 164

13/June/2015, Day 164.  Saturday.

Weekends are usually more exciting for us, and today was no exception.

We woke up at a leisurely time, (after 8:00 am), and after a breakfast of sliced fresh mangoes all of us drove over to beauty shop to get Sweetie's hair cut.  She got it cut short, and it looks fantastic!

After that we shopped at bit, came home to "freshen up", then Sweetie, Grump, and Dodong drove to Warner Robbins, to go to the Filipino stores there.  But first we had a yummy lunch at the Monsoon Restaurant.  Sweetie had Pad Thai, while Grump had some thick rice noodles covered in a red curry sauce.  The dish was called "Jungle Noodles", or something like that, and it was spicey and super-duper delicious!  About $40.00 went on a credit card for this meal, but since they don't take American Express our AMEX card was spared!  (Grump also carries around a VISA.)

After lunch they went to both Filipino stores, (shrimp paste - yum!), then got some fantastic ice cream at a place called Let It Snow.  Try them out if you're ever in Warner Robins.

Back home Dodong and Grump took an afternoon nap, then after that we just relaxed, enjoying a lazy day at home.  Dinner was rice and egg, cooked up by Sweetie.

Goodnight all!

Friday, June 12, 2015

A Day in a Year in a Life / Day 163

12/June/2015, Day 163.  Friday.

Sweetie and Grump were tired today.  Sweetie was upset and didn't sleep well because of her "unpleasantness" with Lola.  Grump didn't sleep that great either, and he had a really, really, REALLY busy day at work.

We had pizza for dinner, except Lola, who had a hamburger and vanilla milkshake. Sweetie has decided she likes thin crust pizza, while Grump still prefers the thicker crust, so we got two large pizzas instead of one extra large pizza.

After dinner Kuya and Dodong went swimming in the kiddie pool, while Grump watered plants.  It was still HOT out, so I guess the cool evenings of late spring are a thing of the past.

At the moment we are in the midst of a thunderstorm with really nasty thunder and lightening, so I'm gonna wrap this up and turn off the PC.  Goodnight all!

Thursday, June 11, 2015

A Day in a Year in a Life / Day 162

11/June/2015, Day 162.  Thursday.

It's not only Grump who flips out for no (obviously) apparent reason.  Tonight is Lola's turn to sulk.

The day started as weekdays usually do, with all of us getting up early, and then after breakfast Grump driving to work.  At work he had to attend a meeting on a very irritating project, and unfortunately was told by his boss that this project will be his number one priority going forward.  Phooey!

Grump came home before lunch, as he had an early afternoon dental appointment.  For lunch Sweetie had made us all oatmeal.  Yes, oatmeal!  It wasn't as odd as it sounds, and was actually a fairly good lunch.

At the dentist, Grump received the unfortunate news that, no, they can't simply glue his tooth back together, (he had kept the broken piece), but that instead he would have to get a cap, or crown, on the damaged tooth.  Double phooey!  Grump has had a cap put on a tooth before, and had a root canal, and of the two, he preferred the root canal.  This capping experience was no different than his other one, namely, painful, long, and expensive.  ($780.00 went straight to our besieged American Express credit card.)  He didn't get home from the dentist until after two hours.

Arriving home, he was met at the door by Sweetie with tears in her eyes.  It seems she had made a hand gesture of some sort, (no, not "flipping the bird"!), which had deeply offended Lola, who was now hiding in her room upstairs.  Triple phooey!  They discussed what to do, and it was decided that Grump should take Kuya to his Mathnasium lesson, while Sweetie stayed home with Dodong, (who was sleeping).

So now it is evening, and time for bed.  Lola has yet to come out of her room.  I assume she will have to sometime tomorrow, and once she does, it will be interesting to see what sort of mood she is in.

Goodnight all!

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

A Day in a Year in a Life / Day 161

10/June/2015, Day 161.  Wednesday.

Sometimes the weirdest things set Grump off.

It was a hot, but otherwise nice day here in central Georgia.  Work at Grump's job wasn't too bad, the kids mostly behaved, and Sweetie was able to do some yard work.   But it was this yard work that got Grump all upset.

Sometime midway through the morning Sweetie called Grump, and asked him if she could transplant the dahlias growing near the mailbox because, well ...... truth be told, they just aren't doing too well there.  Grump went ballistic!  He got so darn grump that he and Sweetie got in a bad argument, and bad feelings continued until Grump got home.

Why was Grump so angry?  He was afraid that Sweetie would throw away the amaryllis seeds that one of the amaryllis had produced, and that was next to the dahlias.  Grump has been hypersensitive about his plants ever since Lola accidentally pulled up the passion flower vine he had been trying to grow on the back porch.  Never mind that Grump only spends about 15 minutes MAX per week working in the yard, (his fat body and the Georgia heat don't mix well), while Sweetie and Lola spend an average of 4 - 5 hours per week gardening, (in addition to cleaning, cooking, and watching Dodong).  Those are HIS PLANTS, darn it, and even if they're half dead and coated with weeds, DON'T YOU DARE PULL THEM!!

Let's leave Grump to his misery, and move on to better things.  Sweetie did a lot of ironing today, (hooray Sweetie!), and cooked a delicious pan-fried tilapia dinner, with steamed cabbage for a vegetable.  After dinner we drove over to the new Smallcakes cupcake store near Publix on Bass Rd., and we all got a cupcake.  Yum, yum!

Goodnight all!

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

A Day in a Year in a Life / Day 160

09/June/2015, Day 160.  Tuesday.

It was just another weekday/workday here in central Georgia.  It rained a bit, so it wasn't super hot out. 

Maybe because the rain diluted the liquid fence, the STUPID deer were lurking around our garden all day.   Once he got home from work, Grump had to go out and spray some more, in the drizzle.  I not sure how effective the liquid fence will be when applied in the rain; we'll find out.  So far it's worked great!

Despite how well it works, we do consider liquid fence to be a temporary solution.  Some day when we have the money, (and if we can ever get out of credit card debt!), we're gonna cut some more trees, put a nice tall privacy fence around the backyard, and get a dog.  Then if a STUPID deer is ever foolish enough to leap the fence, it will get chased by the dog.

Kuya had his third lesson at Mathnasium this evening.  Grump and Sweetie really hope Mathnasium helps him learn mathematics, because neither of them are particularly good at math.  While Kuya was there, Grump and Sweetie went shopping at Kroger, buying all sorts of yummy fruits and drinks.  Of course this expense went on the American Express card!  (And of course Grump will complain about it when the bill arrives.  What do you think, Grump, that you never have to pay your debts?)

Now the bad news: while chewing on a cough drop, (which you should never do!), Grump broke a tooth.  It doesn't hurt him, yet, but he did make an appointment to go to the dentist this Thursday, to get it looked at / taken care of.  I know when he tells the dentist how he broke it, he's gonna get a lecture.  Chewing on hard candy is about the worst thing you can do to your teeth.

Goodnight all!

A Day in a Year in a Life / Day 159

08/June/2015, Day 159.  Monday.

Monday .... ugh!  Back to work!  Monday's don't make Old Grump very happy.

Despite Grump's maliese, it was a fairly decent day.  Kuya had his first piano lesson, which he enjoyed.  (Grump says, "Just wait!  They get irritating quickly.")

Other than that ..... well, I don't remember.    Sweetie, Dodong, Lola, and Kuya all had a fine day, and Grump had a good day too, although he won't admit it.

We hope your Monday was good too!

Sunday, June 7, 2015

A Day in a Year in a Life / Day 158

07/June/2015, Day 158.  Sunday.

We got another early start today, ("Phooey!", says Grump), so Kuya, Sweetie, and Grump went to Panera for breakfast, using the last of the gift cards we got from American Express for our out-of-control spending.  Back home we relaxed for a bit, then all gathered into the car and headed off for church.

The main event of the day was a visit from Kuya's friend Brody and his little sister.  They played for a long time, while Dodong napped, and Grump attempted, (unsuccessfully), to nap.

Later in the afternoon we order some Papa John's pizza.  Mama Sue's daughter Laura also came over, then a few hours later Miss Lily from next door came over with a delicious ube cake.  (Cooked by the best cake maker in all of Macon, Miss Joyce.)

Later in the evening, after eating pizza and cake, Grump was feeling bloated and fat, so he took Dodong for a stroll around the block.  They both enjoyed the pleasant evening weather, as here in central Georgia it is still pleasant in the mornings and the evenings.  (Just don't go outside in the afternoon!)   

Now it is late, and we need to get to bed to prepare for another back-to-work Monday.  Goodnight all.   

A Day in a Year in a Life / Day 157

06/June/2015, Day 157.  Saturday.

Today was an exciting day for us!  We woke up early, (too early, in Grump's opinion), gobbled up a quick breakfast, then hopped in the car and drove to Atlanta, to go to the increasingly wonderful Atlanta Botanical Garden.

We have memberships at the Gardens, and everytime we go to there we find they've added something new, and this time was no exception.  They've expanded the walking trails through the Storza Woods section, probably doubling their length.  These are beautiful, easily accessible, paved trails, so they should be accessible to nearly everyone.

We had a great time, but rather than try to describe what we saw with my feeble words, following are some captioned pics to give you a better idea of what we found there.

Sweetie and "Mr. Frog" ponder Kuya's new hat

Kuya being watched by a BIG DOG

Lola wonders what Grump is doing now?

Grump being fat and weird

Dodong snacking
Kuya snacking

Sweetie hugging Lola

Kuya, Sweetie, and Grump


Old and fat contemplating young and thin

Sweetie amongst the flowers

Sweetie amongst the flowers again

Kuya amongst the flowers

Who is that?

A large, white Grump obscuring flowers

Kuya and Lola

Hugging and kissing under the white orchards


We did lots of walking

Even Dodong did some walking

...... and of course we did some resting!

Lola, Kuya, Sweetie, and Dodong

Hi Dodong!
Hi Lola!

Lola hiding!

After all this excitement we had a late lunch/early dinner at The Cheesecake Factory at Lenox Square, where we ate, and ate, and ate.  (Yum, yum, yummy!)  After that we drove home, and except for a wee bit of TERROR arrived home safe and sound, and extremely tired.

So anytime you would happen to find yourself in the Atlanta, GA vicinity, I would highly recommend a trip to the Atlanta Botanical Gardens.  We haven't made it to one of their light shows yet, but they appear to be spectacular!