Friday, October 30, 2015

A Day in a Year in a Life / Day 303

30/October/2015, Day 303.  Friday.

Old Grump survived another day at work.  Hooray!  With the passing of another week, he only needs to survive 101 more weeks and he'll be 100% vested in his 401k.

Kuya took bags of candy to school for all his classmates.  Unbelievably he was the ONLY one in his class to bring treats today.  His teacher was happy that he did this, and the other kids were VERY HAPPY.  I wonder what's up with the other parents?  Don't they realize it's friggin' Halloween!!  Maybe Montessori appeals to hippy types, and they're so busy snorting tofu they "forgot" about this holiday?

Dodong continues to grow, both in size and curiosity.  Recently he has become fascinated with the coils and wires on the back of the refrigerator.  Oh brother!  We already have chairs and end-tables moved in front of most of the drawers and cabinets; now we have to worry about him reaching behind the 'fridge and potentially electrocuting himself.  Thank God Lola can help us watch him!
Grump had a most wonderful lunch today, some of the leftover baked tilapia with mango salsa.  If I can get the recipe for the salsa I'll post it, because it is easy to make and delicious.  I believe it only has four ingredients, mangoes, cilantro, red bell peppers, and lime juice.

After work, despite Grump's tiredness and inevitably associated grumpiness, we went shopping.  We went to Belk's at the Riverside Mall and bought Sweetie a pair of walking shoes for about $60.00, (a good deal, according to Grump), and some eyeliner and facial powder for about $50.00, (too expensive, according to Grump).  All this went on the Belk credit card, so once again we are spending money we don't really have.  Oh well, that is the "American way", after all!

Goodnight all.

Thursday, October 29, 2015

A Day in a Year in a Life / Day 302

29/October/2015, Day 302.  Thursday.

Old Grump survived another day of work.  He is actually at peace with his job now, appreciating it for what it is, not bitter or angry over what it is not, and accepting of the fact that he could no longer have it at a moment's notice.  Such is life in a corporate bureaucracy.

Kuya had another good day at school.  He is doing well since we sent him to his new school, Montesorri of Macon.  Private school ain't cheap around here!  I really, really hope we are getting our money's worth.  But then you see that YouTube video of the girl getting thrown on the floor by a POLICE OFFICER, and you never want your kid to go near a public school again!

We used to live in Columbia, SC, and Spring Valley High School is in a nice suburban area.  I'm not sure what triggered all this nonsense, but besides the cop, (who clearly lost his self-control), there are several other people who are jerks in this event, such as the teacher and the administrator and maybe, (but most likely NOT), the student herself.

Dodong, Sweetie, and Lola are all doing well too.  Actually a boring normalcy is not a bad thing, particularly now.  With luck and God's Grace maybe Old Grump can hold on to his job for a couple more years, we'll pay off most of our debts, and we'll be in a much better financial position than we are at the moment.  We'll see ..... who knows what challenges and rewards the future will bring?

Goodnight all.

P.S.  -  dinner was absolutely delicious, being baked tilapia Sweetie topped with a homemade mango salsa.  Yummy, yummy, yummy!!

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

A Day in a Year in a Life / Day 301

27/October/2015, Day 300.  Tuesday.  28/October/2015, Day 301.  Wednesday.  (Good grief!  Where was my brain?)

Well phooey - Blogger is acting funny tonight! This may turn out to be an interesting looking entry!

Despite a rainy start, it was surprisingly nice weather here in central Georgia.  Be that as it may, Old Grump had a very bad day at work, and since he's been home he has more-or-less gotten all of us in a bad mood.  How bad?  Bad enough that I don't even want to finish today's entry!

Paying our bills continues to be a challenge.  When we run out of cash, (because there is always "some month left" after the monthly income runs out!), we use the credit cards, particularly the American Express card.  Our balance on the "American Excess" is now solidly over $1,000.00 and soaring towards $2,000.00!  Ouch!  And we can't count on much of a bonus early next year from Grump's company, because they have not had a profitable year.  Ouch, ouch, ouch!

On a more pleasant note, Clickworker seems to have gotten out of the horrible doldrums it was in back in early October, but it is still nowhere near as lucrative as it was in the early summer.  If Clickworker doesn't get better soon I might just give it a rest for a bit.

Goodnight all!

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

A Day in a Year in a Life / Day 300

27/October/2015, Day 300.  Tuesday.

This is gonna be a quick entry, because I don't feel too good tonight.

It was rainy and chilly here in central Georgia today, but the good news is that we have not had a hard frost yet.  So our growing season continues, and hopefully will continue well into November.

Other than that .... it was just another day.  We do have lots and LOTS to be very thankful for, not the least of which is our general good health, (despite occasional moments such as right now, when one of us catches bug).  Miss M's Mom was recently cut up rather extensively to deal with an illness.  We haven't had to face issues such as that, at least not yet.

I hope YOU are doing well today, and doing your best to make the world a better place.

Goodnight all

Monday, October 26, 2015

A Day in a Year in a Life / Day 299

26/October/2015, Day 299.  Monday.

It was a rainy Monday.  Kuya went back to school, and Old Grump went back to work.  Hrumph!!

At work today Grump's team lead told him to be very careful of how he behaves himself, and things are getting very tense.  The problem is that upper management is making some less than brilliant decisions, which are already negatively impacting all of I.T.  They are already in the "looking for scapegoats" mode, and because Grump works on a highly visible system which he just started on, and thus doesn't know much about, he is highly vulnerable.

What would we do if Grump lost his job?  Wow ..... good question!  To get an equivalent job he would probably have to work out of town, assuming he could even get one.  Please pray for Grump, that he somehow manages to stay employed for a few more years.

So how did Sweetie and Grump react to the increasingly likely chance that Grump may be unemployed soon.  Why they went shopping and spent lots of money, of course!  Just like with dieting, where once you start to diet all junk food becomes seemingly irresistible, so all sorts of plastic crap from China seems like something you can't live without once you have to cut back your spending.  Double hrumph!!

Does anybody, besides Pat Flynn and J. Money, really make money blogging?

Goodnight all.

Sunday, October 25, 2015

A Day in a Year in a Life / Day 298

25/October/2015, Day 298.  Sunday.

After all the activity of yesterday, today was a day for rest.

We woke up early, (like it or not, Dodong was awake by 6:00 am - ugh!), ate a quick breakfast of hardboiled eggs, then leisurely got ready for church.  With all the extra time we were able to arrive at church without being late, which is unusual for us.  After church we grabbed a quick lunch at Wendy's, then Sweetie and Grump drove the many, many miles to visit Miss M's Mama, (who is recovering from surgery), while Kuya, Dodong, and Lola stayed home.

After Sweetie and Grump got back from their visit we grabbed a quick bite to eat at Buffalo Wild Wings, (although Kuya and Grump cheated a bit and ate some Stevie B's pizza).  Yes, today was a rushed meal day, largely composed of not-so-good-for-you fast food.  Blah ....

Now Sweetie and Lola are watching a Filipino show over the internet at authentically LOUD volume, while Kuya and Dodong play, and Grump lays about complaining about how much his tummy hurts.  It's called "cause and effect" Dude; you put garbage into your body, and you'll feel like garbage later!

Goodnight all!

Saturday, October 24, 2015

A Day in a Year in a Life / Day 297

24/October/2015, Day 297.  Saturday.

Today was a wonderful day!  We got up early, grabbed a bite to eat at our local Panera Bread restaurant, then drove over to Callaway Gardens to do some walking.

Now to be honest they ought to call the place Callaway Park, or Callaway Trails, or something like that, because if your sole desire is to oogle at cultivated plants, the Atlanta Botanical Garden is a better choice.  But I can't think of any better place to go for a walk on a paved path through the woods, (very useful if you're pushing a stroller!), and there are plenty of attractions, (a really cool horticultural center, a really cool butterfly center, and a lovely stone chapel picturesquely situated between a woodland stream and a clear pond), that will keep you occupied should you ever tire for some reason of admiring the scenery.

Rather than babble on and on endlessly like I sometimes do, let's just admire some pics from today's adventure.

A Pensive Dodong

Dodong by the Reeds

To begin with, Dodong was NOT in a good mood today.  We have no idea why, but he was fussy during the entire drive to Callaway, and even once there his mood did not improve.

Looking at the Discovery Center from the Bridge

Mountain Creek Lake from the Bridge

More of Mountain Creek Lake

The Bridge
I told you Callaway was very scenic!  Our plan for the day was to cross this bridge and try to walk all the way around Mountain Creek Lake, which would be a very, very long walk indeed!

Dodong was NOT Amused!

Sweetie, Kuya, and Lola ......

...... Arrive to the Bridge

A Quick Lunch

Even Grump Ate a Little!
Of course, before setting out, we had to have some lunch!

Kuya and Lola

Grump and Dodong

Grump and Sweetie.  Ah, how Cute!!

Mountain Creek Lake

Mountain Creek Lake Again
Lunch over, we started our long walk around the lake.  All went well for a while, until Dodong started crying and crying and crying and then SCREAMING!  Ugh!

Kuya, Dodong, and Sweetie, with Lola further ahead

Dodong and Sweetie, followed by Lola and Kuya

Grump, Sweetie, and Dodong

Kuya, Sweetie, and Dodong
The only way to stop Dodong's cries was to take him out of the stroller, and let him walk.  This worked for a while, until he got tired, at which point he needed to be carried.  Old Grump carried him for a bit, but Dodong really wanted Sweetie to carry him, so poor Sweetie wound up lugging him around for most of the walk back to the car!

By the way, Kuya has become quite a good photographer.  He took the following pics:

Lola, Sweetie, Dodong, and Grump

The Discovery Center

Sweetie, Dodong, and Grump
And just in case you wondered, YES, there are flowers at Callaway gardens!

Mums blooming at Callaway Gardens
Goodnight all!

Friday, October 23, 2015

A Day in a Year in a Life / Day 296

23/October/2015, Day 296.  Friday.

Kuya has stopped being a "live pumpkin", and returned to being a 6 year old boy.  Thank God!  Live pumpkins are very trying on one's nerves!

It appears that Old Grump may have managed to finally complete the onerous task he had at work, that he has been working like a madman on all week.  His team lead will review it next Monday; she will then approve or deny his changes.  Wish him lots of luck!

Dinner tonight was Mexican food at La Parrilla Mexican Restaurant at what I call the Riverside Mall, but technically is called "The Shoppes at River Crossing".  (I like my name better!)  We all enjoyed our meals, but now Grump has a tummy ache.  Poor Grump!

With the end of this work week, Grump now only has 102 weeks remaining before he is fully vested.  Hooray!  That's a teeny bit less than two years.

Goodnight all.

Thursday, October 22, 2015

A Day in a Year in a Life / Day 295

22/October/2015, Day 295.  Thursday.

Wow.  This was an interesting day.  Not necessarily a GOOD day, but an interesting one none the less.

It started very, very early, with Kuya's friend Miss M being dropped off a little before 5:30 am.  (Miss M's Mama had to have an operation today, so please pray for her and her family.)  Because of that we were all extremely tired and grumpy, except for Dodong, who slept through most of that excitement, and Lola, who is seemingly never tired or grumpy.

Speaking of grumpy, Old Grump got pounded on again at work today, but that seems to be the new normal for his job.  But after tomorrow he only has 102 more weeks to go until he is fully vested, and can quit if he has to without losing 401k money.  Maybe he'll soon get to the point where he can start counting days!

Meanwhile the operation on Miss M's Mama seemed to go very, very well.  Hooray!  Although she played with Dodong and Kuya most of the afternoon, she was already gone and on her way home by the time Grump got home from work.

The real theatrics of the day started soon after dinner.  Kuya got the idea that he would build a "Jack Skellington table", whatever that is.  Unfortunately Sweetie and Grump wanted to get ready for bed instead.  Kuya, in his tired state, began to throw a tantrum, and when Grump accused him of actually being a "live pumpkin" that someone had substituted for his son, Kuya completely lost it.

How bad was the ensuing tantrum?  Well, Sweetie was so frustrated with him she was ready to make him spend the night on the sofa, and Filipinas don't like anyone to have to sleep alone, especially their kids.

I suppose the good news is that Kuya is now old enough that when he cries uncontrollably he does NOT vomit, although he did have some ominous gagging.

Kuya crying and threatening to barf

Sweetie was NOT amused!
We better shut down now and get to bed.  Goodnight all!

P.S.  -  it may be that this was all triggered by Kuya being picked on at school today.  We don't know yet.  Stay tuned!

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

A Day in a Year in a Life / Day 294

21/October/2015, Day 294.  Wednesday.

Poor Old Grump got pounded again at work today.  Ugh!!  But let's not talk about that ..... let's talk about Kuya's exciting day instead.

Today his first grade class went to Amerson River Park.  (Yes, this is the same place we went to this past Sunday.)  It was beautiful weather for a park outing, clear and a bit cool in the morning, warming up nicely as the day went on.  All the kids had a great time!

Kuya, (on left), and two classmates at the park

A Silly Pic!

Kuya made a butterfly picture from leaves

Monday and Tuesday Old Grump had to wear a sport coat to work, because some high-level muckity-mucks from headquarters were down visiting.  Here he is in his new sport coat:

Dodong, Grump, (looking serious), and Kuya, (looking silly)

We all need to go to bed real early tonight because Miss M. is being dropped off by her Mom at 5:30 am tomorrow.  Ouch, that's early!!  Goodnight all.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

A Day in a Year in a Life / Day 293

20/October/2015, Day 293.  Tuesday.

It was an interesting day at work for Old Grump.  He whined to his manager about how, now that he has a different team lead, the level of work expected from him is much, much higher, and she agreed.  And then proceeded to tell him that this is what he needs to do from now on, that the days of simply "band-aiding" the application he supports when it breaks are over.  His old team lead was much more lenient, but he was also apparently letting too many "quick fixes" get applied.  Now Grump will have to thoroughly research and test each and every update he makes.

Well poop!  Grump had become accustomed to just schlepping out random program patches here and there; now he is going to have to actually THINK about what he is doing.  Ouch!  Thinking hurts!

Meanwhile, Kuya has become a self-educated expert on "live pumpkins".  Should you want to know about "live pumpkins", he is the guy to ask.  For example, "witches create live pumpkins by putting alive soap on the scarecrow, and putting bones on the feet."  I can't write any more about them, because, (according to Kuya), you can't write or click on live pumpkins or you'll slow down your brain!  (Which is another way to become a live pumpkin, apparently.)

Back in the real world, Grump and Sweetie went for a drive after dinner.  The reason for the drive was to retrieve Grump's new sport coat from the place where he works, because he had forgotten it and left it there.  But on the way home they stopped at a grocery store and bought some Hagen Das ice-cream bars, which were two boxes for the price of one.  (I.e., buy one, get one free.)   Good Lord were they yummy!  Kuya, Grump, Sweetie, and Lola all got an ice-cream bar of their own, and Dodong shared a bite or two with all of us.  It was a great way to end the day!

Goodnight all.


Monday, October 19, 2015

A Day in a Year in a Life / Day 292

19/October/2015, Day 292.  Monday.

Back to school for Kuya, (hooray!), and back to work for Grump, (Boo!  Hiss!).  It was a cool but beautiful day, just right for daydreaming ....

After spending all that money on new tires, the "low tire warning light" flashed on again on Grump's car, so he stopped at the dealership after work to get the silly thing checked out.  He was told he was the 14th, (!), person to stop in with a low tire warning light that day.  The problem is that the sudden onset of cool weather, (it got darn cold last night!), apparently sets these things off.  And now Grump has no faith in his low tire warning light!

Kuya had his piano lesson after school today.  He is doing quite well, learning to "tickle the keys" quite nicely.

Kuya and his Piano Teacher

Sweetie keeping watch, making sure Kuya does it right!

We got a text message from our friend Rom in Atlanta today.  He has a new job!  Way to go, Mr. Rom!!  Old Grump sometimes flirts with the idea of quitting where he works and trying to get a job in Atlanta, but truthfully working out of town with two young kids at home would be difficult.  So he stays where he is, and grumbles!

Goodnight all.

A Day in a Year in a Life / Day 291

18/October/2015, Day 291.  Sunday.

The day got off to a very interesting start.  Dodong was up at 5:00 am, then at 7:00 am he crawled back into bed with Old Grump, (who was trying to get a bit of extra sleep), and after making sure Grump was still awake, proceeded to vomit all over the bed!  Yuck!

But the day did get better.  Once we were all up and had finished breakfast we headed off to the newly renovated Amerson River Park, where we all had a great time walking about in the lovely weather.  The facilities at the park, including a playground, are new, so they haven't been ravaged by the roaming hordes yet.  Which is a round-about way of saying now would be a great time to go visit the park, before it gets "discovered".  Just bear in mind that for some insane reason it is not open every day.

Lola, Kuya, and Sweetie at Amerson River Park

Dodong and Sweetie by the River
Kuya and Lola by the River

Kuya, Dodong, and Old Grump
Pink Grass?

The park is very pretty, with lots of scenic views.

There is plenty of room for kids, young and old, to play.

Kuya swinging on a monkey vine

Grump playing on the playground

Kuya playing on the playground

Oops ..... Sweetie is starting to get anxious.  Time for bed!  Goodnight all.

Saturday, October 17, 2015

A Day in a Year in a Life / Day 290

17/October/2015, Day 290.  Saturday.

This was a very, very expensive day!  Besides the $140.00 trip to Sam's club to buy rice, vegetable oil, and other "essentials", we spent another $500.00, (yes, FIVE HUNDRED FRIGGIN' DOLLARS!!), on the following:

$300.00  -  two new tires for Old Grump's car

$200.00  -  a sport coat for Grump to wear to work next Monday and Tuesday.  (This ludicrous expense was already fussed about yesterday.)

Add in the cost of lunch, and dinner, (take out Chinese for all of us except Sweetie, who went on a "girl's night out" with her friends), and you're looking at a crazily expensive weekend.  Too many more of these, and we'll be living in the poorhouse!

The good news is we took advantage of another day of beautiful weather and worked in the yard, expanding an area for Sweetie and Lola to grow more camotes, (sweet potatoes), next year.  Everybody, (Dodong, Kuya, Sweetie, Old Grump, and Lola), worked together.  It was great fun, and hopefully productive.  Our gardens have been GREAT this year, mostly because of Lola.  Hooray Lola!

Now we are going to take advantage of the wonderful sleeping weather, and call it a day.  Goodnight all!

Update 10/19/2015  - While we were shopping for Grump's sport coat, Kuya met a friend of his from his old school at the mall:

A Day in a Year in a Life / Day 289

16/October/2015, Day 289.  Friday.

Oh my ..... Old Grump had a mini-meltdown at work today.  (Don't ask!!)  Please pray for him and the people he works for, that they all get this straightened out in a way that benefits everyone.

We went to "the mall" after Grump got home from work, and bought cowboy hats for Sweetie, Lola, and Grump.  We need to wear cowboy attire to Miss Lily's birthday on Halloween.  That, along with participating in the line dancing, is the price of admission!

Speaking of attire, Grump's division at work has been having a bad year.  How bad, you ask?  Well the CEO of the company is coming down next Monday and Tuesday, and all employees have been asked to wear business attire, which means for the guys like Grump a tie and at minimum a sport coat.  GRUMP DOESN'T EVEN OWN A FRIGGIN' SPORT COAT!!  Grrr ..... this will be just another useless stupid expense we'll have to swallow.  How many more of these will we have to take before we finally choke and puke ourselves into bankruptcy?

On a more pleasant note, the weather here in central Georgia was absolutely beautiful again today.  What GREAT weather we've been having!!

It's good sleeping weather too, so ....... it's time for me to start getting ready for bed.  Goodnight all!

Thursday, October 15, 2015

A Day in a Year in a Life / Day 288

15/October/2015, Day 288.  Thursday.

Things are getting better for us today, which I'm sure has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with the fact that the weekend is getting closer.  (Ha, ha!!)  Grump's job has been highly irritating recently, and it appears it will be getting worse, so we all will be living for the weekends.

Sweetie went to a ENT physician, ("nose doc"), today, and it turns out she has a severe sinus infection, which is no surprise.  She didn't want to get it diagnosed and treated while she was still breastfeeding Dodong, but now that he is weaned, Sweetie doesn't mind having to go on antibiotics.  Which the "nose doc" immediately put her on.  We all hope her sinus infection clears up real, real soon!

Enough babble!  Let's check out some pics!

Poor Dodong is always getting grabbed.  If it's not Kuya grabbing him ....

Let me go!
.... then it's Lola!
C'mon now ... let me go!

All of which is enough to make a little wonder just what the heck is going on.  "Why can't I just do what I want?  Why are you retraining me?"  (Such is life in this world little fella.  Get used to it!)

Finally here is something we thought we'd never see, a pic of a smiling Lola, in this case playing with Kuya.  Maybe Lola just doesn't smile when the Old Grump is around?

Lola and Kuya
Goodnight all!

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

A Day in a Year in a Life / Day 287

14/October/2015, Day 287.  Wednesday.

Well poop!  We already broke our agreement and ate out at a restaurant tonight, spending almost $65.00 on a meal that wasn't really all that good.  We did this because both Sweetie and Grump were tired, again, (Grump did not sleep very well last night, and managed to keep Sweetie up as well), and for some reason, (probably having to carry a fussy Dodong), Sweetie's back was hurting today.  So Grump decided Sweetie needed a break, and in the process our agreement got a "break" too!

It's been really nice weather here in central Georgia recently, at least when it is not raining.  The evening temps are dipping into the mid-fifties, (that's fahrenheit, which would be about 12 celsius), which SHOULD be very pleasant sleeping weather.  Just why Grump isn't sleeping well is a mystery.  (Guilty conscience?)

On a different subject, I have to say this, since I've been picking on the guy a lot recently.  "The King" went and apologized to the parents of the young man he stabbed recently, (apparently this "stabbing" was not as severe as I had  assumed), and even went to the young man, apologized, and asked his forgiveness.  Could this be a turning point in The King's life?  Maybe he will get his act together, and become a good husband and father?  Let's pray for him, that somehow he can work it all out.  He's not a stupid person, just lazy.  But that behavior can be changed.

Speaking of lazy ..... Grump is laying about with the top button of his pants undone, because he is too fat now to fasten them comfortably.  Time to lose weight, Grump!

And time now for us to go to bed.  Goodnight all.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

A Day in a Year in a Life / Day 286

13/October/2015, Day 286.  Tuesday.

Dodong was up early, 3:00 am, crying because of teething pain.

As you would expect, Grump and Sweetie are VERY tired tonight.  One of the difficulties with being tired is that it's so easy to get into a fight.  Sweetie gets frustrated with the kids, asks Grump to do something, and eventually, no matter how trivial the task, Grump explodes with anger.  Ugh!

The parents are in foul moods, Dodong is crabby and fussy, and even Kuya is hyper-whiney.  So .... rather than focus on a cranky, tired family*, how about checking out this website, which has some pretty cool posts: .  I don't agree with everything he writes, but his posts are all thought provoking, which is more important anyway.

Goodnight all.

* - note that this does NOT apply to Lola, who is her normal, wonderful, non-complaining self.

Monday, October 12, 2015

A Day in a Year in a Life / Day 285

12/October/2015, Day 285.  Monday.

Monday, Monday: back to work and back to school.  The later was enjoyed; the former was not!  But I suppose Old Grump needs to improve his attitude, because at least he HAS a job.

There were too many kids here yesterday, and in the wildness Kuya's "nanobugs" and their racetrack got trashed.  That's a bummer, because it means Dodong won't get to play with them too when he grows up.

Dinner was very yummy, being baked tilapia, papaya, and corn.  (With rice, of course!)

After a mostly rainy weekend today we had wonderfully pleasant weather.  It's a shame this didn't happen on Saturday or Sunday, but a beautiful day is still a beautiful day, even if we have to spend most of it inside.

Goodnight all.

10/19/2015 Update  -  Little Miss M. was over to play with Dodong while her Mama was at the doctor's office:

Sunday, October 11, 2015

A Day in a Year in a Life / Day 284

11/October/2015, Day 284.  Sunday.

It was a busy and exciting day, particularly for Sweetie and Lola!

After church several of the filipino ladies, and their kids, came over to our house.  We had up to eight (8!) of the screaming little rug-rats tearing around through the house, getting into things, laughing and hollering and each other, and in general having a very high-energy good time of it.  Add nine or so filipino women, (who also had a good time of it, but with not quite as much kinetic energy), and our house was non-stop action for several hours.

Here are some pics Grump took of a few of the filipino ladies.  (You can see Sweetie holding Dodong in a couple of them.)

The main course was ...... dried fish!

Yucky Dried Fish
Besides being full of bones and tasting horrible, dried fish stinks like hell when you cook it.  Fortunately we were able to open windows in the kitchen today to let the stench out!

Instead of partaking in the this wonderful food, Grump went to Taco Bell, which he enjoyed very much.

As you can imagine, we are now tired from cleaning up the mess all this activity caused, so we're gonna go to bed early.  Goodnight all!