Monday, October 19, 2015

A Day in a Year in a Life / Day 292

19/October/2015, Day 292.  Monday.

Back to school for Kuya, (hooray!), and back to work for Grump, (Boo!  Hiss!).  It was a cool but beautiful day, just right for daydreaming ....

After spending all that money on new tires, the "low tire warning light" flashed on again on Grump's car, so he stopped at the dealership after work to get the silly thing checked out.  He was told he was the 14th, (!), person to stop in with a low tire warning light that day.  The problem is that the sudden onset of cool weather, (it got darn cold last night!), apparently sets these things off.  And now Grump has no faith in his low tire warning light!

Kuya had his piano lesson after school today.  He is doing quite well, learning to "tickle the keys" quite nicely.

Kuya and his Piano Teacher

Sweetie keeping watch, making sure Kuya does it right!

We got a text message from our friend Rom in Atlanta today.  He has a new job!  Way to go, Mr. Rom!!  Old Grump sometimes flirts with the idea of quitting where he works and trying to get a job in Atlanta, but truthfully working out of town with two young kids at home would be difficult.  So he stays where he is, and grumbles!

Goodnight all.

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