Monday, October 26, 2015

A Day in a Year in a Life / Day 299

26/October/2015, Day 299.  Monday.

It was a rainy Monday.  Kuya went back to school, and Old Grump went back to work.  Hrumph!!

At work today Grump's team lead told him to be very careful of how he behaves himself, and things are getting very tense.  The problem is that upper management is making some less than brilliant decisions, which are already negatively impacting all of I.T.  They are already in the "looking for scapegoats" mode, and because Grump works on a highly visible system which he just started on, and thus doesn't know much about, he is highly vulnerable.

What would we do if Grump lost his job?  Wow ..... good question!  To get an equivalent job he would probably have to work out of town, assuming he could even get one.  Please pray for Grump, that he somehow manages to stay employed for a few more years.

So how did Sweetie and Grump react to the increasingly likely chance that Grump may be unemployed soon.  Why they went shopping and spent lots of money, of course!  Just like with dieting, where once you start to diet all junk food becomes seemingly irresistible, so all sorts of plastic crap from China seems like something you can't live without once you have to cut back your spending.  Double hrumph!!

Does anybody, besides Pat Flynn and J. Money, really make money blogging?

Goodnight all.

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