Sunday, February 9, 2014

The "Egg-Laying" Articles are FINALLY Done!

We've FINALLY finished writing all the articles in the "Breeding Egg-Laying Aquarium Fish" series.  Hooray!

This was started back in November, and it took a late night last night to wrap it all up.  But now they're ready for your perusal.

Without further ado, here are the links to all six articles on breeding egg-laying aquarium fish:

Pleasant reading!

03/15/2014  -  With a tear in my eye, and deep sadness in my heart, I have removed these articles from Expertpages.  With the turmoil that is going on with Crazy Texan's websites at the moment, EP seems to be the forgotten stepchild, as the site doesn't even have ads at the moment.  When an editor advised us not to post new articles there anymore, I had enough.  I will repost these articles to InfoBarrel, (if they accept them), or FullofKnowledge, once Google wakes up and stops indexing them to EP.