Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Existence, Void, and Meaning

The physical universe has no meaning.  Everything measurable  -  mass, energy, and time  -  is just an incarnation of the same senseless "stuff".  Call this ether, essence, quarks, whatever you prefer; I prefer "void".  Physically, only "voidness" exists.  It's quite a paradox: existence = void.

All meaning is spiritual.  All features of the physical universe  -  the differentiations of mass, energy, and time, their actual MEASUREMENTS, if you will  -  are the result of spirit acting upon the void.  Without spirit, there are no differentiations, and thus nothing exists.  Yet there is no "unit" of spirit.  Spirit can not be measured.  Spirit is not a force, mass, or duration; it is not a part of time and space.

Everything is significant.

Reality refers to the extent upon which spirit acts upon the void.  Everything is real, but not to the same degree.  A spirit act is said to be factual to the extent that other spirit acts can influence / be influenced by it.  A spirit act is said to be fiction to the extent that other spirit acts are isolated from it.