Tuesday, July 1, 2014

A Day in a Year in a Life / Day 182

01/July/2014, Day 182.  Tuesday.

A new month begins!

It's been super-duper HOT here in central Georgia!  Grump needs to mow the lawn, but he just can't seem to find the enthusiasm to go out and work in this awful heat.  He actually appreciated his job today, as working in an air-conditioned building is wonderful this time of year.  Besides, several problem tickets assigned to him just magically "resolved themselves" today, so it appears he did a lot of work without actually doing much of anything, which pleases his basically lazy soul.

Kuya has been much gentler towards Dodong this week, but Sweetie must remain constantly vigilant when overseeing the interactions between these two, because it only takes an instant for a life altering accident to occur.

We had a ..... uh, "exciting" dinner tonight.  Sweetie had bought a special type of camote when we went shopping this weekend, and she cooked them for dinner tonight.  They were "special" all right.  Once she started cutting them open, she discovered half of them were rotten!  The others were old, dried up, and barely edible.  Eating them was like munching on dried cardboard, which was discouraging, especially since they had been boiled.

I guess you have to have a cruddy meal every now and then so that you'll appreciate the good ones all the more.