Tuesday, April 25, 2017

20/April/2017 - Last Day of School

Today was Kuya's last day of school!  He and Dodong watched his final second-grade homeschool video together.

The last second grade video

Dodong and Kuya at Kuya's desk

School is over for summer break now, just in time for Sweetie and Kuya, (and Dodong and Lola), to prepare for their trip to the Philippines!

Meanwhile, back in Columbus, Old Grump was struck by the color combination of these plants, and just had to snap a couple pics:

Now it is late, time to say, "goodnight."

Goodnight Dodong


19/April/2017 - Hi Kuya!

Here's Kuya, who's doing his best to have a good day despite having very sore gums:

Hi Kuya!
Hang in there Kuya!

Sore gums ain't no fun at all!

Let's wish Kuya the best, and hope he gets over this pain very soon.


18/April/2017 - Virtual Monday

Although it was Tuesday, it was a virtual Monday for Old Grump, because he had to go back to work after having Monday off.

But the real horror of the day fell on Kuya, who had to go visit the Ouch Dentist.  His bridge has been hurting him for a while now, and other dentist, (the less painful one), told us he needed to have it taken out.

Poor Kuya!

Now Dodong didn't mind being in the Ouch Dentist's office one bit ......

Dodong at the Ouch Dentist
 ...... because he wasn't getting any dental work done!  But he did notice that all the kids who came back from seeing the dentist were crying.

Kuya had his bridge removed.  His gums were so inflamed that he will need to come back, (ugh!), next Monday, when the Ouch Dentist will put the bridge back in, hopefully in a way that is less painful.

It was not a pleasant experience for Kuya

Kuya after seeing the Ouch Dentist

Meanwhile, back in Columbus, Grump attached his avatar to his PC:

Grump's Avatar

We all think this is the perfect avatar for the old guy!


17/April/2017 - Monday at Home

Grump took the day off work today, staying home in Macon with the rest of the family.

The day started off as most non-school days do, with the boys playing with their iPads:

Two iPad Addicts

The boys both had doctor's appointments, which went well.
Dodong relaxing at the doctor's office

After the doctor's appointments, Old Grump got the brilliant idea to take some of our trash from the birthday party last Saturday to the dump.  For just a few extra bags of trash, it was a waste of time, but it was an interesting trip, as it was the first time any of us had been to the dump.

A Scenic View at the Dump

Later in the day, Grump and Sweetie went to the Riverside Mall to walk about, enjoying the pleasant weather.

For some reason the old guy was fascinated by the ornamental plum trees planted there.

Sweetie loves walking at the mall!

Hi Sweetie!


16/April/2017 - Easter

"He is risen! Hallelujah!"

Today was the holy day for the Christian faith, the day when Christ arose from the grave.  If you're a Christian, then this act is what your religion is based upon.

Whether you're a Christian or not, I hope you devote some of your time to appreciation and contemplation of the powers-that-be that have created us.  We need to give thanks, and to ask for help and guidance to achieve the most of our potential, and, quite frankly, to even understand what our purpose for living is.

And as for those of you who are atheists:

It's better to choose a religion, any religion, and follow it, than to cling to the misguided idea that you know better, and that you KNOW that there is no Higher Power.  Please don't be a fool!


Saturday, April 22, 2017

15/April/2017 - A Birthday Party for the Boys

Today we had a joint birthday party for Dodong, (who recently turned 3), and Kuya, (who will turn 8 tomorrow).

The theme of the party, chosen by Kuya, was "Sponge Bob and Bikini Bottom".

Balloon "Jellyfish"

Miss Lily brought over some yummy steak:

Miss Lily's Sliced Steak

Pastor Jude

Mama Sue and Pastor Jude

We even got a pic of the elusive Lola!

Hi Lola!

Goodies Table

Kuya, Sweetie, Dodong, and Old Grump

The boys posing in their pink shirts
Not sure what was going on here, but the ladies were interested ...... except Miss M!

Guests arriving

Singing "Happy Birthday" to Dodong and Kuya

A little guy and his Mama

Hi Dodong!

We rented one of those inflatable bouncy things, and put it out back.  Throughout the day the kids enjoyed going out and bouncing around.

Bounce, bounce!
Grump tried to bounce for a bit, and got a headache and bit nauseous.  I guess some amusements are suitable for old men!

We had two cakes: a little chocolate one, and a larger pineapple one, (to fit the Sponge Bob theme).  The pineapple cake was actually better than you would expect, and pretty yummy.  The chocolate one was delicious!  These were Joyce cakes, so I guess you would expect that.

Birthday cakes

It was a super fun party!


Thursday, April 20, 2017

14/April/2017 - A Knuckle

So it was Friday again.  Hooray!  After another week of soul-crushing office work, Grump got to drive back home.  Hooray!

And so what picture do we have to celebrate this occasion?  This one:

Yep .... a close-up selfie of Kuya's knuckle is all we have to remember this day by.

Sad, huh?


Wednesday, April 19, 2017

13/April/2017 - Loquats

Why don't Americans eat loquats?

During his lunch break Grump went for a walk, taking pics as he came across interesting or pretty sites.

Just outside a restaurant in downtown Columbus, he came across a loquat tree.  The tree had many ripe fruits on it, including some that had been left just to rot.

Why don't Americans eat loquats?  We plant the tree for ornamental purposes only; I suppose most people consider the yummy fruits a nuisance that they have to clean up once they fall to the ground.

I wish edible landscaping was more popular in this country.  Why waste all this time, effort, and money on a sterile green lawn, when we could be using our yards to create something useful?


12/April/2017 - An Undocumented Day

There are no pictures for today.  Oh no!  How tragic!

This Hump Day will have to be unremembered.

I'm sure interesting stuff happened, as interesting stuff happens every day, but there are no pics available to help remember it.

So another day washed away in the endless tide of millions and millions and millions of days, weeks, months, years, slowly, inexorably washing away the sands of existence.

When the universe stops expanding and begins to collapse upon itself, crushing everything into a smaller and smaller area until nothing remains but a singularity without spacial dimensions, what will become of our memories, our triumphs and tragedies, then?


11/April/2017 - Another Day

Another day passed by in our lives, and none of us won a Nobel Prize, yet.

Grump took some pictures of houses in Columbus, Georgia, including this beauty:

Meanwhile, back in Macon, the boys were watching!

Eventually evening rolled around, and both Kuya and Grump felt the need to go to bed:


Thursday, April 13, 2017

10/April/2017 - Weeds

Consider the weeds ......

Growing in an abandoned patch of dirt beside the road, next to a deteriorated building, a group of untended plants blossom out in a mass of pretty flowers.

When faced with life's hardships, be a weed!

Kuya gives this post an enthusiastic thumbs up.