Tuesday, April 25, 2017

18/April/2017 - Virtual Monday

Although it was Tuesday, it was a virtual Monday for Old Grump, because he had to go back to work after having Monday off.

But the real horror of the day fell on Kuya, who had to go visit the Ouch Dentist.  His bridge has been hurting him for a while now, and other dentist, (the less painful one), told us he needed to have it taken out.

Poor Kuya!

Now Dodong didn't mind being in the Ouch Dentist's office one bit ......

Dodong at the Ouch Dentist
 ...... because he wasn't getting any dental work done!  But he did notice that all the kids who came back from seeing the dentist were crying.

Kuya had his bridge removed.  His gums were so inflamed that he will need to come back, (ugh!), next Monday, when the Ouch Dentist will put the bridge back in, hopefully in a way that is less painful.

It was not a pleasant experience for Kuya

Kuya after seeing the Ouch Dentist

Meanwhile, back in Columbus, Grump attached his avatar to his PC:

Grump's Avatar

We all think this is the perfect avatar for the old guy!


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