Saturday, April 22, 2017

15/April/2017 - A Birthday Party for the Boys

Today we had a joint birthday party for Dodong, (who recently turned 3), and Kuya, (who will turn 8 tomorrow).

The theme of the party, chosen by Kuya, was "Sponge Bob and Bikini Bottom".

Balloon "Jellyfish"

Miss Lily brought over some yummy steak:

Miss Lily's Sliced Steak

Pastor Jude

Mama Sue and Pastor Jude

We even got a pic of the elusive Lola!

Hi Lola!

Goodies Table

Kuya, Sweetie, Dodong, and Old Grump

The boys posing in their pink shirts
Not sure what was going on here, but the ladies were interested ...... except Miss M!

Guests arriving

Singing "Happy Birthday" to Dodong and Kuya

A little guy and his Mama

Hi Dodong!

We rented one of those inflatable bouncy things, and put it out back.  Throughout the day the kids enjoyed going out and bouncing around.

Bounce, bounce!
Grump tried to bounce for a bit, and got a headache and bit nauseous.  I guess some amusements are suitable for old men!

We had two cakes: a little chocolate one, and a larger pineapple one, (to fit the Sponge Bob theme).  The pineapple cake was actually better than you would expect, and pretty yummy.  The chocolate one was delicious!  These were Joyce cakes, so I guess you would expect that.

Birthday cakes

It was a super fun party!


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