Tuesday, April 25, 2017

17/April/2017 - Monday at Home

Grump took the day off work today, staying home in Macon with the rest of the family.

The day started off as most non-school days do, with the boys playing with their iPads:

Two iPad Addicts

The boys both had doctor's appointments, which went well.
Dodong relaxing at the doctor's office

After the doctor's appointments, Old Grump got the brilliant idea to take some of our trash from the birthday party last Saturday to the dump.  For just a few extra bags of trash, it was a waste of time, but it was an interesting trip, as it was the first time any of us had been to the dump.

A Scenic View at the Dump

Later in the day, Grump and Sweetie went to the Riverside Mall to walk about, enjoying the pleasant weather.

For some reason the old guy was fascinated by the ornamental plum trees planted there.

Sweetie loves walking at the mall!

Hi Sweetie!


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