Thursday, April 6, 2017

04/April/2017 - Beautiful Day!

Wow ...... the weather today was gorgeous!  After the ridiculous high winds of yesterday, it was a nice treat to be able to walk outside and enjoy the sunshine.

Back home, Dodong responded to this good news by ....... pooping so profusely that it leaking out through his diaper and soiled his pants!

A messy Dodong, with a Kuya in the background

Taking advantage of the beautiful weather, Old Grump went for a long, long walk during his lunch break, snapping pics of the pretty old Victorian houses that he passed.

You can see those pics here:

For dinner, he and a coworker went to a pizza place downtown, Your Pie.  The pizza was yummy, but kinda small; both he and the coworker were still hungry after they left the restaurant.

Grump's yummy but too small pizza dinner


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