Thursday, April 28, 2016

2016/Apr/28 - Blah!

The Old Grump drove home last night, and then didn't sleep well, so he was exceptionally grumpy when he woke up this morning.  To add to his misery there were lots of cars on 96 this morning, (why?), so his drive in to work wasn't as easy.  But he did get to work on time.

He's already beginning to dislike his job.  For some bizarre reason he keeps getting pulled into these meetings that start at 4:00 pm, right when his old brain is beginning to shut down.  Yuck!

Back home, the ever-pleasant Ms. M came for a visit today around lunchtime.  She and Sweetie had so much fun chatting that Sweetie almost forgot to pickup Kuya from school, and had to zip over there to get him.

Dodong was fine today.  Sweetie has begun putting socks on his feet when he goes to bed, and that seems to keep him from getting colds.

And of course stoic Lola had no complaints.

After work Grump attempted to go for a walk, despite his persistently sore ankle.  He hobbled about for a little over two miles, and took some pics of a little creek crossed over by a bridge.


2016/Apr/27 - WonderPolls!

Today something or other happened, but on the grand scale of the continuing saga of the human race, (or even the tiny subchapter of the accelerating deterioration of the "American Experiment" in self-government), it was most likely insignificant.

So ...... how about a bunch of WonderPolls!

1. Would you rather erase a bad memory of go back in time to fix it?

My first thought was to go back in time to fix it, but ...... upon reflection, I realize that bad memories are part of what makes me what I am, and that my "fixes" may in fact make things worse. So I can't really answer this question, because "do nothing" is not an option.  (I don't want to erase ANY memories!)

Interestingly, 80% of respondents wanted to go back in time to "fix" the bad memories, so my initial impulse was at least widely shared.

2. When you make frozen food, do you throw away the box then have to look at it again because you forgot how long you're supposed to cook it?  a) Every time, b) sometimes, c) rarely, d) never.

How about "most of the time"?  Since that's not an option, I have to choose "b".  The most popular answer was "a", with 48% of respondents.  The next was "b", with 36%.  The remaining two options got 8% each.

3. Do you consider The Beatles the greatest band of all time?

Nope!  71% of folks agree with me.  (That number will increase over time.)

4. Do you eat the crust of your pizza?

Of course!  The "pan", as Sweetie calls it, on a decent pizza is delicious.  83% of respondents have enough sense to agree with me.

5. Where is the best place to live during a zombie apocalypse?  a) Tree house, b) Farmhouse, c) Church basement, d) Prison.

I would guess "b", farmhouse, because at least you can feed yourself, and no self-respecting rural inhabitant doesn't own at least one rifle.  Oddly enough, the most popular choice at 45% was "d", Prison!  (Good God why?)  Option "a', Tree house, came in second with 33%.  13% opted to hide out in a church basement, while only 9% had enough sense to agree with me.

6. Would you rather talk to God for one hour, or have 50 million dollars?

Well that's easy!  Experiencing the "Higher Power" in any meaningful way is priceless!  But apparently 39% of respondents are stupid enough to trade this for basically a lick-and-a-promise.  Morons!

7. Have you ever seen a car accident?  a) Yes, b) Yes, because I was in one, c) No.

My first impulse was "c", because I haven't seen a car accident from beginning to end, but I have seen parts go airborne after hearing the impact.  (Fortunately no one was seriously hurt in that incident!)  So I guess I have to chose "a", and say "Yes".

"Yes" was the most popular answer, getting 49% of the votes.  27% of respondents have unfortunately been in a car accident, while 24% claim to have never seen one.

Spenglish del día:

Vamos a pasar la tarde en el burdel.

Pero hoy hay mucha lluvia.

¡Bueno ... entonces no se olvide de sus cauchos!

Peace y'all!

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

2016/Apr/26 - Surviving

It ain't easy having kids, and being basically a single parent.  While Grump works out of town, (and sleeps on a air mattress - his life ain't exactly a cakewalk either!), Sweetie tends to the two boys.  It's a challenge sometimes!

Today after work Grump and his roommate went for a two mile walk at Flat Rock Park.   Before going out Grump taped up his ankle, but it still hurt him.  Hopefully he'll still be able to walk on it tomorrow.

The bad ankle, with therapeutic "tape"


Monday, April 25, 2016

2016/Apr/25 - Monday Again

It was Monday again.  Grump had to crawl out of bed in the wee hours, and after a partial breakfast drive half-way across the state to go to work.

As y'all probably know, Old Grump is stranded at the moment in Columbus, Georgia.  He is sleeping on an air-mattress on the living room floor of a co-workers apartment.  Today after work he walked around and took some pics of the landscaping around the apartment.

Trust me .... the pond looks better in the photos than it does in real life!


2016/Apr/24 - Recovery

After all the excitement of yesterday, (both Grump and Sweetie were so revved up from Mama Mia that neither slept well), we all just relaxed today.  By "relax", I mean lay about in bed for hour after hour.

It was great!

For lunch we had two pizzas and cheese bread from Marcos.  Very good, but not as good as Papa John's, IMHO.

Marcos Chicken Pizza

Marcos Cheese Bread

Marcos Hawaiian Pizza
 Dodong approved.

 Our two ferns by the front door are kicking butt at the moment.  They look really nice this time of year, with their reddish new growth.

The Left Fern

The Right Fern

We did do a little shopping ..... we went to Lowe's and Ace Hardware, and bought some dirt, (yes! DIRT!!), and okra seedlings for Lola to plant, as none of our okra seeds sprouted.  We're having germination problems with many of the seeds Grump purchased online.  I suppose next year we'll have to find a new source.


Sunday, April 24, 2016

2016/Apr/23 - Fun Day!

Gosh, it was a really, really fun day for all of us!  Beautiful weather, fun events, good food, and no medical emergencies.  And the Old Grump even managed to get a nap!

We were out-and-about early to run some errands, and the way home stopped at a yard sale, where Kuya bought this odd Minecraft "mask".  It's more of a box really, but then I think everything about Minecraft is weird, including the primitive graphics.

Kuya with Minecraft "mask"

At lunchtime we headed over to Kuya's school, Montessori of Macon, where they were having an outdoor party/festival/fundraiser.  We all ate chili dogs, including Lola.  (Grump ate two!)

Lola, Dodong, Kuya, and Sweetie walking up to the party area at Kuya's school

There was live entertainment, including this "balloon band".

A "Balloon Band"

Kuya on the inflatable kiddie playlet

I think he was having fun

 Kuya got his face painted to look like ..... well, I guess he was supposed to be Spiderman.


Later in the evening Grump and Sweetie had a wonderful dinner at the wonderful FOJ, then headed to the Grand Opera House in downtown Macon to see a really great performance of Mama Mia.

Grump at FOJ

Sweetie at FOJ

Ignore the large belly please!

It was a very busy, very enjoyable day!


Friday, April 22, 2016

2016/Apr/22 - Back Home

Today was "Angel's Day".  As has become our custom, we bought her a balloon we let fly this evening.

Old Grump drove home today from his new job in Columbus.  It was pleasant weather all the way home, so it was a pleasant drive.

Back at home the amaryllis flowers were still kicking butt.  The white ones are finishing up, but the red and pink ones are just getting starting.

Grump and Sweetie made a quick run to Sam's Club to buy some fruit and other "essentials", then after Grump bravely ate, (perhaps foolishly, considering his near "accident" on Monday), some breadfruit for dinner, we putzed around on the computer a bit, then went to bed.


2016/Apr/21 - Thursday

Grump had to walk up early and make the long drive into Columbus this morning.  To be truthful, although he has a very long drive, (100 miles!), and it takes two hours, it's not really all that stressful, at least in decent weather.  For most of the way he is on a road called 96, which is a four lane divided highway which is mostly flat and lightly traveled.

An attempt to take a pic of the moon as Grump is starting his drive from home

At lunchtime Grump wandered around Columbus a bit, taking a few more pics.

This house needs a little TLC!!

As you probably know, while in Columbus Grump is sleeping on an air mattress on the living room floor of a co-worker's apartment.  Here are some pics of the apartment building.  (Grump was trying to get some "artsy-fartsy" shots of the hallway.)


Thursday, April 21, 2016

2016/Apr/20 - WonderPolls!

Today was a travel day, (Grump came back home after work), so not a whole lot happened.  (Not to minimize that he made it back home safely again with God's Grace, of course!  NEVER minimize God's Grace!)

So .... Today will be a WonderPoll madness day!

1. Would you rather change gender every time you sneeze or not be able to tell the difference between a baby and a muffin?

What a stupid question?  I guess not being able to differentiate between a baby and a muffin means you are brain damaged in some way, so I suppose that is the worst of the two bad options.  54% of respondents agreed with me.

2. Do you prefer regular milk or chocolate milk?

Chocolate milk rocks!!  68% of respondents had enough sense to agree with me.  (The rest of ya are wrong!)

3. Who do you think gets more tickets when they get pulled over, boys, girls, or it's about the same for either gender?

Since most traffic cops are male, I would suppose that boys have a greater tendency to get tickets than girls.   Y'all wholeheartedly agree with me: 71% said "boys".  Only 11% thought girls were more likely to get a ticket, with 19% saying it was about the same.  (I best those 19% wear gender indeterminate clothing!)

4. Which of these fantasy animals would you be: a) unicorn, b) flying hippo, c) neon-colored cat, or d) dragon?

The correct answer of course is "d", as dragons are bad-assed!  Dragon was indeed the most popular choice, get 49% of the votes.  Unicorn was next, with 26%, (I wonder how many of those folks know that a unicorn is a phallic symbol?), followed by neon-colored cat with 15%.  Amazing, 10% of respondents must have some really weird fantasies, because they claimed they would prefer to be a flying hippo!  (Why?)

5. Who is better, Iron Man or Batman?

My initial impulse was to chose Iron Man, but the more I thought about it, the more I liked Batman, and now I don't even think that Iron Man is close to being as cool as the caped crusader.  Not, mind you, that there is anything necessarily wrong with Iron Man, who is a cool, praise-worthy dude.  But Batman just has sooo much going for him.  (Batmobile, batcave, etc., etc.)

Unfortunately only 46% of respondents agreed with me.  What's wrong with you, people?

6.  If Bigfoot came up to you, what would you do: a) take a pic of it, b) shoot it, c) pet it, or d) keep it as a pet?

Good grief, what stupid choices!!  If the obvious answer isn't given, (soil your underwear!), at least give something like, "run away" or "hide".

If you care, (I don't), the winning choice was "a" with 36% of votes, followed by "d", (really?), with 34%.  19% of respondents are sick bastards and would shoot it, and 11% are crazy, and would lose a hand or arm by petting it.

7. If you had a 99 percent chance of winning a million dollars, but a 1 percent chance of dying, would you take that risk?

You betcha!  I've got a family to support!  (I'd take out a good life insurance policy first.)

8. How much time do you spend watching TV in a day: a) 0 - 1 hour, b) 1 - 2 hours, c) 2 - 3 hours, d) 3 - 4 hours, e) 4+ hours?

For me the answer is "a".  I spend most of my "entertainment hours" on the internet.  And "a" in fact was the most popular choice, getting 30% of the votes.  Choice "b" was next with 27%, followed by "c" with 20%.  Oddly "e" got more votes, 14%, than "d", which had 9%.  I guess if you're gonna watch more than three hours of TV, you may as well turn into a complete couch potato?

9. What is your favorite pet: a) dog, b) cat, c) fish, or d) other?

I like dogs the best, and a whopping 71% of respondents agreed with me.  Cats were next with 16%.  Poor fish only got 3% of the votes, less than the unknown critters, (tapeworms?), of "other", which were the choice of 10% of respondents.

Okay ..... enough of this!  I tired; I'm going to bed.


2016/Apr/19 - ??

Well, something happened today, but darned if I remember what.  (I need to make these updates daily, rather than wait a few days.  My tired old brain cells just can't hold on to things like they used.)

I do have some pics to share.  Maybe they will jog my memory?

Hi Dodong!
Dodong and Kuya drove Sweetie crazy most of the day, which is what children are supposed to do!

During his lunch break, Old Grump walked around and took some pics near his office building:

Notice the tree growing out of the side of the steeple?

Oh yeah ...... I remember now!  After work Old Grump went to Flat Rock Park, in Columbus, Georgia, and took some pics.  (He also walked a mile; now his ankle hurts!)

If you want to see more pics of Flat Rock Park, you can go over to Grump's website at Planetary Pics, (  They aren't the greatest pics ever taken by man, but they might give you an idea of what the park is like.


Monday, April 18, 2016

2016/Apr/18 - Back to Work

It's Monday again, so Old Grump had to drive off to work.  But before he did, he had a breakfast of tea, breadfruit, and honey that Sweetie made for him.

Dodong and Sweetie approved!

That breadfruit nearly caused Old Grump to poop in his pants as he made the long, long drive to work.  Let's just say that if you are ever constipated, just eat some breadfruit, and you'll be cured!

Sometimes you just have to appreciate beauty where ever you find it.  Here are some pretty snapdragons outside an office building:

Peace y'all!