Sunday, April 17, 2016

2016/Apr/16 - Birthday

Today was Kuya's birthday!  To celebrate we all got up early, opened up Kuya's seven birthday gifts, (he turned seven today), then headed off to the Atlanta zoo.

Kuya, Sweetie, and Dodong early in the morning

Dodong playing with one of Kuya's gifts
Even Grump was in a good mood

Grump and Dodong were the first in the car

Uh-oh!  Back to normal behavior

After driving for what seemed like forever, (stupid Atlanta traffic!), we finally arrived!

Dodong, Sweetie, and Kuya at the zoo.  (Lola was looking the other way!)

Once at the zoo, we saw all sorts of weird, unusual animals!

Kuya feeding the parakeets


All this walking around got tiring!

Kuya sitting on a komodo dragon

Dodong sitting on an Old Grump

Sweetie and Kuya sitting on a stone bench

 Kuya decided he was a photographer, and snapped several pics.   We call this series a "study of fencing and retaining walls".

Satisfied self-portrait

After the zoo we drove up to Doraville to the Buford Highway Farmers Market.   If you live anywhere near Atlanta, it is well worth a visit.



Our last stop of the day was at the wonderful Grits Cafe in Forsyth, where we all enjoyed a fantastic meal that we probably can't afford.  (Why is life so darn expensive?)

Preparing for a scrumptious meal

Birthday Boy

Even Lola was pleased!

Dodong is always pleased!


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