Thursday, April 28, 2016

2016/Apr/28 - Blah!

The Old Grump drove home last night, and then didn't sleep well, so he was exceptionally grumpy when he woke up this morning.  To add to his misery there were lots of cars on 96 this morning, (why?), so his drive in to work wasn't as easy.  But he did get to work on time.

He's already beginning to dislike his job.  For some bizarre reason he keeps getting pulled into these meetings that start at 4:00 pm, right when his old brain is beginning to shut down.  Yuck!

Back home, the ever-pleasant Ms. M came for a visit today around lunchtime.  She and Sweetie had so much fun chatting that Sweetie almost forgot to pickup Kuya from school, and had to zip over there to get him.

Dodong was fine today.  Sweetie has begun putting socks on his feet when he goes to bed, and that seems to keep him from getting colds.

And of course stoic Lola had no complaints.

After work Grump attempted to go for a walk, despite his persistently sore ankle.  He hobbled about for a little over two miles, and took some pics of a little creek crossed over by a bridge.


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