Thursday, April 7, 2016

2016/Apr/07 - Missing Home

Old Grump has been away from home for four straight days now.  That is four days too long!!  Nobody -- neither he, nor Sweetie, nor Kuya, nor Dodong  -- likes this new arrangement.  What are we going to do?  Grump's new job requires that he work out of town.

Grump may have found a place to sleep at night, the living room floor of a co-worker!  There is another lost soul from Macon working in Columbus, and he offered Grump a place to stay, for free!  That would mean no more restless nights in creepy hotels for Grump.  Hooray!!

For dinner tonight Grump stayed away from the fast food, and ate at a place called Zoe's Kitchen:

He ate something called "spinach wraps", which were pretty good:

Now it's getting kinda late, and the Old Grump needs to get to bed.  Hopefully the retards next door won't be screaming and yelling at 5:00 am tomorrow morning like they did today, and Grump can get some needed sleep.


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