Sunday, April 17, 2016

2016/Apr/14 - Party!

The BIG news of the day was the celebration of Kuya's birthday at school.  His birthday is actually April 16th, but due to some scheduling conflicts the party was today.  It was a pizza party!  Everyone ate pizza for lunch.

In the morning Kuya was ready and grovin' for his party, even if he had to watch out for attacking younger brothers.

Kuya's ready!  Bring it on!

Prepared to defend himself against Dodong

Auntie Joyce made him a cool Ninja Turtle cake:

The party was fun!  Kuya and his friends chowed down on pizza, like a good bunch of Ninja Turtles.

Kuya is becoming something of a "fashion photographer", specializing in women's feet:

He also took this portrait of Dodong.  (Notice the woman's foot in the background!)



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