Tuesday, April 12, 2016

2016/Apr/12 - Grunting

Before we go into Sweetie's challenges, let's briefly review Grump's day.  It started with a visit from one of the biggest toads he's ever seen:

The BIG toad
Maybe it's not too impressive from the pic, but that toad was BIG!

After that he had an uneventful day at work, a quick dinner, and was in bed early.

Sweetie's day was less pleasant.  It started with Kuya being very constipated.  While he was sitting on the toilet, trying to poop, he pleaded for Sweetie to read a book to him.  As she did so, Dodong climbed on Kuya's bed, and barfed all over it!  This made Kuya cry, which in hindsight may have been a good thing, as he did eventually poop.  But now he was late for school.

So Sweetie had to rush about, get Kuya and Dodong dressed, then eventually herd the both of them and Lola into the car so she could rush Kuya to school.

It briefly appeared that Dodong was getting sick again, but as the day went on he seemed to get better.

I wish the same could be said for Kuya.

Remember the "grunting" from yesterday?  It seems that today he was doing it worse than ever, so much so that his teacher commented about it to Sweetie when she picked him up from school.  Back home, he was "grunting" worse than ever, driving poor Sweetie nuts.  It got so bad she called Grump for help, who didn't help at all by suggesting that Kuya may have a problem with his throat, and that she should take him to the doctor.

After a very expensive trip to the doctor, (we're kinda in a never-never land between Cobra and our new insurance at the moment), it was determined that he had ABSOLUTELY NOTHING WRONG WITH HIM!  Sweetie is furious at the superfluous expense, and very, very angry at Grump for suggesting it.  (She has insisted all along that there is NOTHING wrong with Kuya.)

I don't know how all this will end, but neither Kuya nor Grump have earned any "cool points" with Sweetie over this nonsense.


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