Tuesday, April 12, 2016

2016/Apr/10 - Nap Time!

** We do have some pics for today, but Old Grump "misplaced" them.  We'll update this entry on the weekend with the pics.  Until then, it's just words.  Sorry! **  The pics are found!  Hooray!!

Grump, Sweetie, and Dodong went shopping early, with Dodong wearing his cute bear hat, as it was still a bit chilly.

Dodong in his Bear Hat

Old Grump looks grumpy in the Bear Hat

While Sweetie looks cute in the Bear Hat .....

...... we still think Dodong looks the cutest of all!
Later, once we were all back home, Kuya's friend Mr. B, his little sister, and his Mama came over for a visit, along with Little Charlie and his Mama.  Everyone had a great time, particularly Grump, who took a long nap.

Dodong acting weird to entertain Mr. B's little sister

Little Charlie and his Mama

Kuya and Mr.  B.

The Mamas chatting

Sweetie fried up some trout for dinner, and it was super yummy!

Peace y'all!

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