Sunday, April 3, 2016

2016/Apr/02 - Recovery

After all the nonsense with Kuya's "wasp encounter" and the subsequent stress and lack of sleep for Grump and Sweetie, today we all just laid low, and tried to recover.

Grump didn't feel well  -  he had a sore throat  -  and Sweetie was just dog-tired and almost as grumpy as the Old Grump himself!  

Dodong was happy to get some sleep
Sweetie and Kuya relaxing

Our gardens are beginning to come alive again.  

Potted Plants recovering from a winter spent in the garage

Old Grump's Camotes

Remember the "Resurrection Fig", the fig tree that seemed all but dead until last Halloween, when it finally began to grow?  It's back!!  This is as impressive a struggle for survival as I've ever seen!

The Little Fig Tree that refused to Die!!

Here's a photo of our other two fig trees, for comparison.  Brown Turkey is in the foreground; Black Mission is in the background, next to a battered, (but alive), ornamental banana tree.


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