Saturday, April 2, 2016

2016/Apr/01 - A Fool's Day

Grump certainly felt like a fool today!  He missed a meeting on only his second day at the job, took FOREVER getting back to work from lunch because he got lost, was stuck in a bad traffic jam due to some wreck, then got nothing but rained on as he futilely looked for a room or apartment to live in next week.


Grump on his second day of work

Grump's new cube

Meanwhile, back home, Dodong was becoming VERY attached to Sweetie's cellphone!

Hey, this cellphone is pretty cool!

Uh ....... leave me alone while I'm working, okay?

I thought I told you I was busy!!

Once Grump finally got home from work, he had gifts for the boys: calculators.  They both enjoyed playing with their calculators ...... for about 15 minutes!

Cool!  Calculators!

Peace y'all!

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