Thursday, April 28, 2016

2016/Apr/27 - WonderPolls!

Today something or other happened, but on the grand scale of the continuing saga of the human race, (or even the tiny subchapter of the accelerating deterioration of the "American Experiment" in self-government), it was most likely insignificant.

So ...... how about a bunch of WonderPolls!

1. Would you rather erase a bad memory of go back in time to fix it?

My first thought was to go back in time to fix it, but ...... upon reflection, I realize that bad memories are part of what makes me what I am, and that my "fixes" may in fact make things worse. So I can't really answer this question, because "do nothing" is not an option.  (I don't want to erase ANY memories!)

Interestingly, 80% of respondents wanted to go back in time to "fix" the bad memories, so my initial impulse was at least widely shared.

2. When you make frozen food, do you throw away the box then have to look at it again because you forgot how long you're supposed to cook it?  a) Every time, b) sometimes, c) rarely, d) never.

How about "most of the time"?  Since that's not an option, I have to choose "b".  The most popular answer was "a", with 48% of respondents.  The next was "b", with 36%.  The remaining two options got 8% each.

3. Do you consider The Beatles the greatest band of all time?

Nope!  71% of folks agree with me.  (That number will increase over time.)

4. Do you eat the crust of your pizza?

Of course!  The "pan", as Sweetie calls it, on a decent pizza is delicious.  83% of respondents have enough sense to agree with me.

5. Where is the best place to live during a zombie apocalypse?  a) Tree house, b) Farmhouse, c) Church basement, d) Prison.

I would guess "b", farmhouse, because at least you can feed yourself, and no self-respecting rural inhabitant doesn't own at least one rifle.  Oddly enough, the most popular choice at 45% was "d", Prison!  (Good God why?)  Option "a', Tree house, came in second with 33%.  13% opted to hide out in a church basement, while only 9% had enough sense to agree with me.

6. Would you rather talk to God for one hour, or have 50 million dollars?

Well that's easy!  Experiencing the "Higher Power" in any meaningful way is priceless!  But apparently 39% of respondents are stupid enough to trade this for basically a lick-and-a-promise.  Morons!

7. Have you ever seen a car accident?  a) Yes, b) Yes, because I was in one, c) No.

My first impulse was "c", because I haven't seen a car accident from beginning to end, but I have seen parts go airborne after hearing the impact.  (Fortunately no one was seriously hurt in that incident!)  So I guess I have to chose "a", and say "Yes".

"Yes" was the most popular answer, getting 49% of the votes.  27% of respondents have unfortunately been in a car accident, while 24% claim to have never seen one.

Spenglish del día:

Vamos a pasar la tarde en el burdel.

Pero hoy hay mucha lluvia.

¡Bueno ... entonces no se olvide de sus cauchos!

Peace y'all!

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