Sunday, April 17, 2016

2016/Apr/15 - Home

The work week was over, so Grump was home again.  Everyone was glad to see him!  (Which is MUCH better than the alternative!)

Welcome home Grump!
Other than that, it was another work day and travel day, so not too much exciting happened.

WonderPoll Madness!!

1. What kind of donuts do you like the best?  a) Plain  b) Chocolate  c) Powdered  or  d) I don't like donuts.

The correct answer is obviously "b", and 48% of respondents were smart enough to realize that.  Options "a" and "c", which while not correct are acceptable, were both chose by 23%.  Sadly, it seems there are 6% of the respondents who are lost souls, and don't like donuts.  (Pray for them!)

2. If you don't speak a language, is it possible to think to yourself?

I suppose you would still be self-conscious and aware of your own existence, but language is so tied up in thought that I don't believe it possible to think without some form of language, however rudimentary.  My opinion is not popular, as only 28% of respondents agree with me.

3. If you had to choose, would you rather go blind or deaf?

Obviously deaf!  So much of our human experience depends upon vision.  81% of respondents agree with me, with only 19% choosing to go blind.

4. Would you rather be forever 12 or forever 35?

While both of these ages are out of the optimal range of 18 - 28, for a guy at least 35 is still pretty decent, and beats the heck out of being an adolescent of 12.  77% of respondents agreed with me.

5. Have you ever eaten a chip and it got stuck in your throat, but your back hurt?

Say what?  This is weird!  Needless to say, such an event has never occurred to me, but 47% of respondents claim to feel throat distress in their back.  Hmmm .......

6. Would you rather bite a chunk out of an onion or a lemon?

An onion, and hope it was a Vidalia sweet onion!  Many people must never have eaten a fresh sweet onion, because 75% of respondents would eat the lemon.  Then again, many people actually LIKE eating lemons, including Dodong!


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