Sunday, April 17, 2016

2016/Apr/17 - Quiet Sunday

It was a mostly quiet Sunday.  Sundays are pretty mellow now, because Grump has to prepare for being out of town for a few days.

After lunch Grump and Kuya went to see a movie, Zootopia.  Including the popcorn and soft drink, we paid $30.00 for this outing.

Later in the day we spent an exorbitant amount of money, ($1,200.00 USD!!), on a new laptop for Grump to take with him when he is out of town.  I suppose with our spending yesterday, (over $300.00!), and the impending medical expenses, that we will be very cash strapped soon.

Our gardens are doing pretty good so far this year, thanks to Lola and Mama.  (Grump doesn't seem to have the time to work in them anymore.)

Mama's Roses

Grump's experiment of growing camote in a pot seems to be doing okay

A pic of Grump's "garden".  Amongst the weeds are some columbines.

A taro (?) or something that Lola planted, and which survived the winter

The amaryllises are doing very well


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