Saturday, April 2, 2016

2016/Mar/31 - New Job!

Today was the Old Grump's first day at his new job!  However, you must understand that because of the trauma from yesterday, his elation at starting work away from the odious Lizard Pit was somewhat dampened.

More importantly than that, today was Dodong's birthday.  He is now a nice young man of two years old, ready to start driving any day now!   (UGH!!)

But even ..... if you can believe it ...... more important than that was the fact that Kuya seems totally recovered from the stupid wasp sting that sent him to the hospital yesterday.  (To say I HATE wasps and bees at the moment is an understatement.  If I could, I would probably make them all extinct!)

Kuya, Sweetie, and Dodong, all HEALTHY!!

Kuya is back to his Silly Self!!

Grump missed Dodong's birthday celebration, because he had to leave to drive to work at 6:45 am.  (Phooey!)

A sleepy Dodong doesn't even seem interested in his gifts
Dodong's Cake
Dodong's Cake on FIRE!!
Poor Dodong wasn't too sure about getting close to a burning cake!

That Kuya had to go to the hospital yesterday was of course a very miserable occurrence, but at least it didn't occur on Dodong's birthday!

Meanwhile ...... Grump survived his first day at his new job without offending too many people.

Grump at his New Job


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