Wednesday, March 30, 2016

2016/Mar/30 - Reality Strikes Back!

Hi There.  I had an exciting day today!

Remember yesterday, how Grump was so happy to be free once-and-for-all of the miserable Lizard Pit where he used to work?  But remember warning that we need to "watch our spending"?

Part of Grump's "plan" was for all of us to AVOID GOING TO THE DOCTOR OR USING ANY MEDICAL SERVICES until May, because his health insurance ended yesterday at midnight, and to continue using it would require paying ridiculous COBRA rates.

No problem, right?  We simply cancelled some doctor's appointments we had and rescheduled them for May.


The day started off fine.  Kuya was dropped off at school, Sweetie and Grump ran some errands, then had a fantastic lunch at the fantastic FOJ restaurant in North Macon.  After lunch, Sweetie wanted to buy a small gift or two for Dodong, whose birthday is tomorrow.  Well ..... whilst shopping for Dodong, we got the call: Kuya had been stung by a bee, and seemed to be having a reaction to it.

To make a long story short, the school had to call an ambulance to take Kuya to the Emergency Room.  The paramedics worked on him a bit to stabilize him, then he was brought to the hospital.

An Ill Kuya

The good news is that with proper treatment Kuya quickly recovered.

Feeling Better!

So now, to pay for the ambulance, hospital room, doctors, and nurses, we're going to have to sign up for COBRA.  Because of some needless bureaucratic putzing, (thanks for NOTHING, GEICO!!), we may not even be able to get onto COBRA for a few more weeks, during which time we will have to make minimum payments from our own depleted savings.  But considering the potential outcomes, we're blessed that our main concerns right now are financial.

The moral of this story is that life is fragile.  Be very, very nice to your loved ones, and be very, very nice to everyone else too.  (Even the jerks you have the misfortune to run into, because they need it the most!)


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