Saturday, March 26, 2016

2016/Mar/26 - Hooray for Saturday!

Maybe it was because we went to bed early last night.  Maybe it was because it finally rained really hard overnight, clearing out some of the stupid pollen.  Or maybe it was just because we're weird!  At any rate, we were up very early this morning.

After a leisurely breakfast we did what we usually do on weekends, namely, go shopping!  We went to Sam's Club in the morning, the Riverside Mall in the afternoon, then did a bit of grocery shopping in the evening.  There were several good sales at the mall.  Just think of all the money we saved!

I posted lots of pics of the wonderful local loropetalums over at, but here are a few more if you haven't found your way to that website yet:

What I find really interesting is that here in central Georgia we have what look to me to be holly bushes with berries on them NOW, in the spring!  I also associated holly berries with winter and Christmas, so these holly bushes must be confused.  (Or from Australia?)

The cherry trees are blooming in Macon now, but what with the weird weather we've had recently, I don't think they'll be as pretty as prior years.  Hopefully I'll be wrong!

Old Grump got one of the daffodils he transplanted to bloom this year, so he's happy.

We got this orange flowered plant, (don't know what it is), to over-winter here in central Georgia in a large pot next to the house.  I'm not sure if that is a normal occurrence or not, because we did have a relatively mild winter.

Finally, here are a couple pics Grump took whilst shopping with Sweetie at the Riverside Mall.

Grump and Sweetie

Peace y'all!

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