Tuesday, March 22, 2016

2016/Mar/22 - Cold Morning / Beautiful Day

The day started out COLD!  It probably got down cold enough to hover just around the freezing point.  A few more degrees lower, and many of our plants would have been battered.  Fortunately Spring held back against this late assault of Old Man Winter, and tender new foliage was spared.

Grump has only five more days left at his stinking' job.  He's starting to enjoy being at work now, because no one can really bother him, (much), but the reality of an impending cash crunch, (thanks mostly to the mess in health insurance costs these days), is dampening his spirits a bit.  Oh well ...... there's more to life than money, right?

Sweetie made a delicious dinner of fried chicken legs and rice.
Chicken Wings and Rice.  Goji Berry flavored komucha almost visible in upper left corner.

Dodong enjoyed his chicken wings!

WonderPoll of the day:   Does the voice in your head sound the same as your voice when you speak?

Of course it does!  But would you believe that only 38% of respondents agreed with me?  Just WHO the heck are they listening to?


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