Sunday, March 20, 2016

2016/Mar/20 - Happy Sunday

We all woke up early, and after some grumbling from the Old Grump, headed out to church.

Sweetie in her Nice Church Outfit

After church we ate lunch at La Parrilla Mexican restaurant the Riverside Mall.  We think this is the best Mexican restaurant in Macon, and we all enjoyed our meal.  (Even Lola, who can sometimes be fussy with her food, and Grump, who can be fussy with everything!)

Sweetie and Grump at the restaurant
Lola and Kuya at the restaurant

Dodong at the restaurant, playing with his balloon

After lunch we were back home, and soon had company!  Kuya and Dodong's friends, (and their parents, of course!), came over for a visit.  The kids played, the adults talked, and Grump snuck off to the bedroom and took a nap.

Hi Mr. B!

Later in the evening we had a pleasant surprise.  Our neighbor's had some guest from Louisiana visiting, and they had brought some boiled crawfish with them.  Yummy, yummy, yummy!

All-in-all, a most pleasant day!

By the way ...... we have our photo blog, , up and running now.  Currently we have some pics of Macon, and some pics of the Atlanta Botanical Garden, stored there. More pics are on their way!


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