Sunday, February 26, 2017

15/February/2017 - Doctor

Old Grump was back home again, this time because he had a doctor's appointment.

However, first it was off to the dentist again.  Oh boy!

Remember his visit to the dentist on Monday?  Well, a cavity was found, so today, bright and early, Grump had the pleasure of having a tooth drilled!

Outside the Dental House of Horrors early in the morning

Later in the day Grump and Dodong went to the doctor's office for Grump's appointment.

Dodong in the doctor's office lobby

Dodong waiting for Grump to be examined

Dodong is not the world's neatest eater.  Here is how he ate some eggs.  The cup to the left of the plate contained some water, most of which he poured out!

Dodong make a mess

Sweetie and Grump had an early dinner at the lovely FOJ, where the food was very yummy, as usual.

Sweetie at FOJ, after she and Grump had eaten a bag of chips

As you've probably noticed, Grump likes to take pics with his cellphone.  Not all his pics turn out well, as, for example, this pic of ........ uh, I guess it is of his foot?

A study of an undetatched Grump foot?


14/February/2017 - Back to Work

Although it was Tuesday, it felt like Monday, because Old Grump had to wake up before dawn and make the long drive back to work.

The moon was very, very bright as he was leaving:

A very bright morning moon

Grump eventually made it into work, where he was his normal bright and cheery self:

In the afternoon he had to attend a meeting at the main campus, which is more more picturesque than the area where he works.  As he had his cellphone with him, he just couldn't resist snapping a few pics:


13/February/2017 - Dentist

The big "news" of the day was that, even though it was Monday, Grump stayed home to go to the dentist.

Here is how the boys typically wake up in the morning:


12/February/2017 - Quiet Day

Sweetie enjoying an iced latte at Starbucks


Sunday, February 19, 2017

11/February/2017 - Atlanta Trip, and a New Grump!

Today was a Saturday, and two exciting things happened.

The first exciting thing was that we went on a shopping trip to the Buford Highway Farmers Market in Doraville, just north of Atlanta.

Dodong "shopping" at the Farmers Market

Kuya at the Farmers Market

On the way home we stopped for a yummy early dinner at the French Market in Locust Grove.

While there, some of us wore silly glasses!

Kuya with silly glasses

Sweetie wearing her silly glasses

The Buford Highway Farmers Market had one of Grump's favorites, star apples!  We bought several of them, and no sooner we were home than Grump was eating them.

Yummy Star Apples

Star Apples before being sliced

Sweetie loves rambutans!

The second exciting thing was that Old Grump finally allowed Sweetie to dye his hair!  He now is a New Grump!

Grump's new hair color
 Compare these pics of Grump with one taken just a few weeks ago.  Doesn't he look a whole lot younger?

A New Man!


10/February/2017 - Friday!!


Back in Macon, Kuya went wild with selfies:

Not to be outdone, Grump snapped a bunch of pics in Columbus, starting with his breakfast.

There's a cool store there that sells artsy-fartsy stuff similar to what is sold in the French Market in Locust Grove.  The big difference is that the store in Columbus doesn't include an eclectic restaurant.

More, (ugh!), pics Grump took wandering around Columbus.

By the time he finally got back home in the evening, it was dark.  There was a really cool full moon, which Grump tried to take a pic of, but even his best effort is nothing like seeing it is person.

Attempted pic of Full Moon


09/February/2017 - Work Again!

Since Old Grump had come home the night before, he had get up super-duper early this morning and make the long drive into work.

Back in Columbus, GA, things were pretty much the same as they've always been:

Same old view out the window

Meanwhile, back home, Sweetie finally got the necklace and erring set Grump had ordered for her from the Sunshine General Store:

Sweetie with her new necklace and earrings

She got the purple version of the "Gold Plated Crystal Heart Necklace and Matching Earrings".  It took about three weeks for them to arrive, which we expected, as they are shipped direct from the factory overseas.

For less than $10.00 we think they are a pretty good deal, and would make a great gift for a young teen.


08/February/2017 - Briefly Back Home

The day started with Grump working away in Columbus, GA.

Looking out a window of the building where Grump works
However, Kuya had other plans for the day.  Soon after lunch, he vomited all over the kitchen floor!  Yuck!!

Sweetie was very, very upset, as vomit is something she doesn't handle very well, and Grump was out of town.  Fortunately Lola was able to clean up all the barf.  (Thank God for Lola!!)

Since Kuya was ill, it was decided that Grump would drive back home and help Sweetie take him to the doctor's office.

Sweetie and Kuya at the doctor's office

An ill Kuya

As it turns out, nothing was seriously wrong with Kuya; he just had a slight stomach flu.  But Sweetie liked having Grump home anyway!


07/February/2017 - Another Workday

It was another workday, with Old Grump marooned out of town.

Kuya continued to eat like a bird, eating maybe half, (or less), of the yummy food Sweetie prepared for him.

Kuya's partially eaten dinner

Dodong tends to eat better than Kuya, but Dodong has his quirks too.  If he doesn't like something, he won't even eat one bite!


06/February/2017 - Monday Again

It was Monday again, and you know what that means .....  Old Grump woke up before dawn, and drove off to his job in Columbus, GA.

Sweetie had put a surprise into his breakfast: some fresh raspberries!

Later Grump mixed in some other berries, and this yummy snack:

Meanwhile, back home, Dodong and Kuya dressed up as pirates!

Kuya and Dodong as fierce pirates!

Later in the evening, Kuya took some "experimental selfies" in the bedroom closet.  Here's an example: