Thursday, February 2, 2017

28/January/2017 - A Trip to H-Mart

Saturday is probably our favorite day.  Grump doesn't have to go to work, and since he also doesn't have to go to work tomorrow, we don't have to go to bed super-duper early.

In the morning Dodong played with his "new" iPad.  (This used to be Kuya's iPad, but since we bought Kuya a new one, now Dodong uses it.)

Dodong and his iPad

We decided that today we would take a trip to a local H-Mart, which is located in Riverdale, Georgia, (just a little south of Atlanta).  We like to make this trip for two reasons:

1.  Grump can take back roads to get there, so he doesn't get as stressed as he does driving on I-75 around Atlanta.

2.  There are several good restaurants nearby we can eat lunch at.  Today we chose to eat at the "Taste of Thailand" restaurant down the street in Jonesboro.  It was very yummy!

Eating at "Taste of Thailand"

Very Yummy, and Highly Recommended

After lunch we headed up the road to H-Mart to do some shopping.

Lola, Dodong, and Sweetie shopping at H-Mart
Hi Kuya

They have a fantastic selection of fruits and vegetables there.  Here are some examples.

You do need to watch your cart while shopping there, because you never know what may turn up in it!
Dodong being silly!

Back home, everyone went back to browsing the internet on their electronic gadgets:

Whilst Kuya and Dodong use their iPads, Lola browses the internet on an iPhone

Sweetie enjoying some filipino entertainment channel


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