Sunday, February 19, 2017

11/February/2017 - Atlanta Trip, and a New Grump!

Today was a Saturday, and two exciting things happened.

The first exciting thing was that we went on a shopping trip to the Buford Highway Farmers Market in Doraville, just north of Atlanta.

Dodong "shopping" at the Farmers Market

Kuya at the Farmers Market

On the way home we stopped for a yummy early dinner at the French Market in Locust Grove.

While there, some of us wore silly glasses!

Kuya with silly glasses

Sweetie wearing her silly glasses

The Buford Highway Farmers Market had one of Grump's favorites, star apples!  We bought several of them, and no sooner we were home than Grump was eating them.

Yummy Star Apples

Star Apples before being sliced

Sweetie loves rambutans!

The second exciting thing was that Old Grump finally allowed Sweetie to dye his hair!  He now is a New Grump!

Grump's new hair color
 Compare these pics of Grump with one taken just a few weeks ago.  Doesn't he look a whole lot younger?

A New Man!


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