Sunday, February 26, 2017

15/February/2017 - Doctor

Old Grump was back home again, this time because he had a doctor's appointment.

However, first it was off to the dentist again.  Oh boy!

Remember his visit to the dentist on Monday?  Well, a cavity was found, so today, bright and early, Grump had the pleasure of having a tooth drilled!

Outside the Dental House of Horrors early in the morning

Later in the day Grump and Dodong went to the doctor's office for Grump's appointment.

Dodong in the doctor's office lobby

Dodong waiting for Grump to be examined

Dodong is not the world's neatest eater.  Here is how he ate some eggs.  The cup to the left of the plate contained some water, most of which he poured out!

Dodong make a mess

Sweetie and Grump had an early dinner at the lovely FOJ, where the food was very yummy, as usual.

Sweetie at FOJ, after she and Grump had eaten a bag of chips

As you've probably noticed, Grump likes to take pics with his cellphone.  Not all his pics turn out well, as, for example, this pic of ........ uh, I guess it is of his foot?

A study of an undetatched Grump foot?


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